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“This project, designed for a creative couple and their two children, converted a non-descript backyard into an outdoor living space with a pool and new freestanding casita building for additional living and entertaining space.”

An amazing transformation of a nondescript backyard into a multilevel entertaining space with a pool, alfresco dining and a casita that provides extra accommodation. Garner Pool & Casita by Elizabeth Baird Architecture & Design.

Photography by Andrea Calo


Posted on Wed, 13 Apr 2022 by midcenturyjo

“Amongst the dunes and pine forests along the east coast of New Zealand’s North Island is a pair of gabled timber sheds. The design references the timber working sheds found in rural New Zealand. The buildings are sited to create an occupation against the dune edge that feels relaxed and timeless. Between them is set an area for seating and outdoor fire.”

Hunkered between the dunes and the forest the beach house has layers of timber screens and sliding windows and walls providing screening, privacy and air flow. Lines blur between inside and out. With time the exterior walls will grey melding further into the landscape. Te Arai Beach House by Fearon Hay Architects.


Posted on Thu, 7 Apr 2022 by midcenturyjo

“A showroom, store & hotel in one. Designed for property company microluxe.  Micro in that it challenges what can be achieved within a small space through clever cutting edge design. Luxe in its attention to detail – from the exquisite furniture, artwork and finishes.”

Melbourne-based Studio Edwards and the converted apartment in Fitzroy. Marble walled bathroom, gold Murphy bed, hovering steel monolithic kitchen. It’s hard to believe this design is 5 years old. Microluxe seems to have moved on. I wonder if the studio apartment remains?

Space may be at a premium when you live in an inner-city suburb but that doesn’t mean your garden can’t have impact. A restrained material (concrete and cobble) and planting palette allows this space to breath, to beckon and to just be. Brunswick by Melbourne-based Nathan Burkett Landscape Architecture.

Azulik Residence

Posted on Wed, 9 Mar 2022 by KiM

AZULIK Residence was developed with no blueprints or previous drawings of any kind. This freedom reveals its originality and the essence of its most significant challenge: to honor those who came before –the flora, the fauna, and the soil. Its location, completely immersed in the jungle, required finding creative ways to work with concrete and manual labor to avoid destructive heavy machinery. Furthermore, we developed an unconventional structure that is not supported by columns or beams but is rather woven like a basket. Thus, the building was planned as a fabric, where interweaving elements are integrated to make up the entire edifice. This is one of the most unique and magical places I have ever seen! Located in the gorgeous Mexican town of Tulum and designed by Roth Architecture.