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New around my house

Posted on Wed, 12 Nov 2014 by KiM

Having just ended a four day weekend, I managed to get some photos taken around my house and get them organized for a couple of posts. This first post is to show you the new dining chairs I purchased, along with a few rugs to help hide my hideous floors. As I hinted a couple of weeks ago, I got my hands on a set of eight vintage reproduction tulip chairs, from Benjamin Curran in Montreal. Yes, EIGHT. GIDDY UP! They are fantastic for repros – the bases are steel and the seats are fibreglass. They are upholstered in a chocolate brown velvet which I am slowly learning to love – especially the velvet part. When it comes time to vacuum up the cat fur it’s a breeze, so I think the velvet will stick around a while. Or I need to find some other colour of velvet to reupholster them with. Please keep in mind with these photos that I have done nothing with this room except purchase the light fixture and credenza. I need a new larger dining table, paint, new curtains, a new rug (this one makes the chairs look really beige which is driving me nuts – I’m on the hunt for a replacement to the cowhide) and whatever else I can come up with.

A couple of weekends ago my husband and I took a drive out to check out the Third World Bazaar in Manotick. They are open 6 weekends a year around Thanksgiving, and carry beautiful products sourced from around the world – Bangladesh, Namibia, South Africa, Kenya, Guatemala, Indonesia etc. I try to go every year (my sister’s godmother Brenda Cavaciutti helps run it – it’s one of the only times I get to see her) and always come home with a car full of goodies. This year it was all about rugs, required to help hide my yellow/orange stained hardwood floors. I found 3 small rugs – wool kilims from Morocco, Pakistan and India. I have 2 in the living room and 1 in the foyer. The cats freaking LOVE them. Which is great seeing how easy it is to get cat fur off of wool (that was a totally sarcastic remark). They’re doing the trick though so I can’t complain. P.S. This weekend is the last chance to hit the bazaar this year so GO!!!

I have been trying to enjoy summer, especially since it is winding down and frigid temperatures are right around the corner (it makes me nauseous typing that). Funny, my younger sister and her family, my husband and I and our parents were hanging out in my parents pool on the weekend talking about maybe going to Hawaii, and our typical trip to Puerto Vallarta in February…and we started laughing because it was 35 C out and we are already talking about what we plan to do to survive another Ottawa winter. Anyway, I have been spending time at their pool instead of getting much done around the house but given how much we love this place, I think we will be here a while and will have tons of time. We did venture to Montreal one day a couple of weeks ago and managed to score the coolest credenza/sideboard and light fixture for our dining room. Gawd I love them both!

The night before we went to Montreal I mentioned on Instagram that if anyone had any tips for Mtrl shopping to shoot them my way. Jennifer, my saviour, suggested checking out Benjamin Curran‘s wares. Am I ever glad I gave him a call to check out his storage space! We scored this amazing vintage walnut credenza with a Brutalist pattern for an awesome price, along with a matching highboy for my husband’s dressing room. Good bye craptastic metro shelving! I am so excited to finally have a dining room again with proper storage for dishes and whatever else I don’t want in the kitchen.

I pimped out the top of the credenza in a white and black colour scheme…for now. I always change things up.

Vintage West German vases, Green Light District Wonki Ware dessert bowls, platter and pasta bowls (my favourite dishes of all time), small bowl bowl by Don Cormier from General Fine Craft, Catherine Holm bowl from Samantha Howard Vintage, Tillandsia plant from blumenstudio, short candleholder by Normann Copenhagen from The Modern Shop, tall candleholder by John Ward from General Fine Craft

More vintage West German vases, Menu salt and pepper grinders from Greyhorne Interiors (highly recommend these grinders!!!), more Wonki Ware, pot by Hay from The Modern Shop, vintage hand-forged metal rose from the Gore St. flea market in Perth

Say hello to our new funky light fixture! Damn I love this thing! We found it at Phil’z 20th Century Furniture. We had to fold it all up to get it in our car, so when we went to install it, it took us about 20 minutes of fiddling to figure out how all the lights should be aligned.

It’s so hot. I even went and stood out on the sidewalk the night we installed it to see how it looks to passerby. *dork*

We need a bar cart. I’m over the crate filled with booze. And jeezus this room needs paint desperately. I still don’t know what colour…..

Before heading into Montreal we stopped at the flea market in LaChute. It was pretty much a waste of time – which is a disappointment because there are NO decent flea markets within several hours of Ottawa. WTF?!?! We did find a few measly items. Like this fireplace screen for $30. We haven’t had a fireplace in 7.5 years so I am determined to use this one every now and then this winter. (Gawd that brown tiles is GROSS)

A few small things – a glass serving bowl, a preserved butterfly/moth/whatever it is, a shaving brush (says GERMANY on the end of the handle) and an iron bug that I figured might be meant as a door stopper.

Bug in action under my bedroom door.

New dish for the cats’ water.

Found this super cute hanging pot at Galerie CO. What a fabulous store. I was drooling over the NLXL wallpaper sample books.

My birthday was Sunday, and my husband took me to The White Monkey, one of my favourite retro furniture stores around. Sadly, all I picked up was this mirror.

This vintage wooden toolbox from Highjinx has been on my dining table for some time, but now with a busy credenza I thought it needed a new home in my kitchen. I love it here. I just need to get some scrap wood from the hubs to line the bottom so the contents are raised up a bit.

All moved in – part 2

Posted on Mon, 14 Jul 2014 by KiM

I thought you might like a peek into the rest of my house. This post will include the second and third floors and the backyard. The basement is a disaster so you will see that eventually.

This window is so pretty at the stairs landing going up to the second floor. I like to think that is the family crest of the folks who initially owned this place in the 40’s.

All of the doors on the second level are white with the red/mahogany stain in the centre panel, and original door hardware with crystal knobs. The doors are growing on me. The first door is the guest bedroom and the second door is the linen closet.

We have no furniture for the guest bedroom so it is currently the stash for art and other miscellaneous items.

The master bedroom. Boring. I need to hang my Moroccan wedding blanket from Jo for starters. I would LOVE to finally get some bedding that is not from Ikea. That can wait until we can buy a king size bed and then this one will go in the guest room. I want really dark walls in here.

My bathroom, again, located next to the master bedroom. I cannot wait to get rid of that lilac colour. I want charcoal or black.

I have ZERO counter space so after I took this photo I remembered I had an old tray table so that is now to the left of the sink. I hope to find a vintage dresser and fit it with a modern bowl sink. The gold towel rods and silver lights need to go.

Handy but ugly medicine cabinet. I might just get hubby to make me some new door fronts.

We took the door off the stairs to the third floor. I am sitting on the stairs here. To the left are the other 2 bedrooms we use as dressing rooms.

The room to the right is my husband’s dressing room. Boring. Not sure what he plans to do with this space. Probably nothing. 😉

My dressing room again. Gawd I need curtains!

Photo taken while standing in the hall between the 2 dressing rooms.

The stairs to the third floor, soon to be library.

Nothing happening up here except I carried load after load of books and magazines up here. AH MAH GAWD! The alcove will be a lounge area and shelving installed everywhere else. So excited for this space.

We never go up here so Mimin was wondering what the hell I was doing.

This is the backyard, and I am standing on the back porch. It is an overgrown mess of evergreens, ferns and ferns. And half dead lilacs. And a pile of dead tree branches at the back. That is our cute little garage – with auto door opener!

The grass is pretty much non-existent and is just a bunch of weeds being eaten by grubs. We would love to eventually build a screened-in gazebo where the white fibreglass furniture is, tucked under that tree.

The back of the house, and a decent view of the kitchen addition our next door neighbour had done to his house. It is a fancy schmancy kitchen (his house is for sale – I scoped out the listing pics). The back porch is annoyingly small but at least it fits our recycling/garbage bins.

And that is the tour! I am beyond excited about owning this home and making it something I can be really proud of. 🙂

All moved in

Posted on Sun, 13 Jul 2014 by KiM

I heard some rumblings on Instagram that people were waiting for me to take some photos of the new house so I have obliged. I must warn you, besides basic unpacking I only had Friday to do any sort of decorating and I have not bought anything for the new house aside from a new washing machine (the one that came with the house was old, tiny and filthy). This is how things are looking these days…

The front yard is a mess. Those 2 evergreens taking over the cheap concrete path have to go ASAP and everything else just looks terrible. We also need to make a parking pad because we have a single lane driveway, and live on a busy street right across from a hospital so there is rarely any parking anywhere. And the red/brown paint is gross.

We have a vestibule. 🙂 It is pretty tiny but a godsend – now when the pizza guy shows up we do not have to worry about cats sneaking out. We will put some hooks along the walls in here because we need the extra hanging space – the coat closet is TINY.

And we have an ENTRYWAY! No more walking into the house directly into the living room! We need a new light fixture – I am dreaming about this one. And you can see in this photo how the floor in the entrance has been sanded but then not stained like the rest of the floor. ???

Our grand entrance. This makes me smile every time I walk through the door. The mirrored door at the end is the minuscule coat closet. The dining room is to the left with the kitchen behind it, and the living room is to the right.

The living room is pretty big – about 11′ wide and spans the length of the house (23′). The section at the front of the house is my desk area and the other corner will be for cat paraphernalia. My desk looks doll-sized in this house. I think I need an upgrade.

The other end is the TV watching zone. On the far wall are some pretty horrible columns with inset mirror, glass corner shelves and build-in storage below. I don’t know what to do about all that. I think I might just get Jeff to build me thin shelves right across the mirrors to each column and then I will fill it with plants. A little diversion can work wonders.

My mantel has become my wunderkammer – my collection of air plants, nun dolls, shells from Jo, bottles, cameras, flower frogs, feathers etc. And of course, Cheeks’ portrait (for now). We don’t know if the fireplace works and because of the amount of poop inside (since cleaned up) there are likely squirrels living in the chimney, so for now it is home to a goose decoy and my collection of deer antlers from Alberta. Those lights on either side will be replaced with Jieldes.

The cats LOVE it here….probably because of the AC.

The most beautiful doors lead into the dining room. It is so strange living in a house with so many doors. We didn’t have that many rooms in the old house, and most of the doors we got rid of anyway because they got in the way of the tiny spaces.

We did not have a dedicated dining room in the last house so this space is very foreign for us (and welcomed!). I am so over having mismatched chairs. I will either go with my favourite chair of all time and buy more Panton S or try something else. And we need a bigger table. Something that was not formerly a desk, and of normal width would be nice. Also, we clearly need a large buffet cabinet to fit in the alcove. We will be on the hunt for something vintage.

All of my gorgeous Wonkiware dishes from Green Light District are in this built-in cabinet along with a bunch of other randomness.

Those doors! *SWOON*

This cracks me up. It is one of those hinged, swinging doors you see in restaurants, or in houses build in the 30s when there may have been hired help that did the cooking and serving.

And our very small kitchen. This was all redone with Ikea cabinets, faucet, lighting, counters, dishwasher etc. etc. just before we bought it. So at least it is brand new. We put all the shelving from our previous pantry room down in the basement and are using it as we did before so this kitchen’s size is not really a big deal. But it does need some new lights, maybe a new faucet (the sink is so goddamn small) and perhaps a bit of paint on the walls. And I am so sad to no longer have my amazing gas stove and counter deep, fancy fridge. UGH. In the future we would like to blow out this back wall and make a much larger kitchen, with eat-in area, a mudroom and a powder room (there is only a full bath in the basement and one upstairs).

Yes, there is a very large cat on the counter. The kitchen windows are awesome for bird watching apparently.

The kitchen is so small the former owners built an alcove for the fridge on the back porch. A great idea despite how annoying it is to get all my smoothie ingredients out of the fridge every morning. And there is Milo is guarding the back door (the basement stairs is opposite the back door).

I will show you the second floor and the backyard tomorrow. I would love to hear any thoughts, ideas, comments you guys may have. This whole house buying/selling process happened very quickly and has been an absolute nightmare where the bank is concerned so I have not really had time to think about what to do with this house. But I do have lots of time to figure it out. 🙂

Getting unpacked

Posted on Fri, 4 Jul 2014 by KiM

Yesterday was a big day – the official closing of the sale of our itty bitty house in Ottawa’s Little Italy that I bought back in December 2007. I had alot of fun working on that house over the years but super excited to have a house that has SPACE and is more than 12′ wide. Despite my former house only being about 800 sq ft, it took us 6 full days to move all our crap out, and yesterday after cleaning the old house and locking it up for the last time, I was finally able to start unpacking at our new house. I cannot wait to start thinking about how I am going to decorate – paint colours, new furniture, new lighting…FUN!!! I do not have much to show you at this point but I figured if I started snapping some pics it would keep me motivated (I am so freaking exhausted and sore). The only room that is totally unpacked is my dressing room. Because this house has ample bedrooms hubby and I each have our own dressing room. OH YEAH. Mine is at the back of the house facing west. I might put down a rug at some point and I need curtains ASAP, a bit of artwork and my pegboard/jewelry holder frame hung on the walls….

I have lugged around this plexi shelving unit to numerous places I have lived (it was used in a Club Monaco store I worked at during college) and it is now displaying some my favourite footwear (Rick Owens, Silent Damir Doma, Guidi and Maison Martin Margiela).

This rack holds all of my favourite clothing (lots of Rick Owens, Ovate, Complex Geometries, Elena Dawson and Ann Demeulemeester).

I adore my bathroom – the tiles and stained glass window excite me to no end. I need to replace the pedestal sink so I can have some sort of counter space/storage and find a way to get electricity in there (WTF?!) but I am just so stoked to finally be able to use my Urban Outfitters ruffled shower curtain that I bought a few years ago and have not been able to use. I think it is perfect in my new bathroom. I mean, polka dot ruffles AND marble hex tiles?! *SWOON*