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Around my house

Posted on Mon, 24 Mar 2014 by KiM

There isn’t anything too exciting going on around my house but I figure if I make myself share some photos every now and then it will keep me motivated to keep puttering about. 🙂

First up – there is a new piece of art in my home. One of my favourite homes I have featured since starting this blog with Jo 7 years ago is Tom’s apartment in the Hollywood Professional Building on Hollywood Blvd. We have kept in touch since then and the day after the Academy awards Tom sent me an email. Tom often strolls along Hollywood Blvd and takes photos of wacky people (check out his Flickr), and did so the day of the Academy Awards. Included in his email was a photo, and I insisted he send it to me in high-res so I could print it and hang it in my home. So awesome! (Thanks again Tom!)

Mr. Cool Dude Kitty is now hanging in my bathroom.

I did a bit of rearranging of my kitchen shelves yesterday. It was my successful way of avoiding doing my taxes. 🙂 I want to spend more time rearranging these shelves, and create different types of vignettes since it’s really the only decent display area in the whole house. Right now it is a mix of vintage stainless tea pots, my beloved Catherine Hold pot, some West German, Japanese and Oaxacan pottery, a couple of Danish teak candle holders and my Tivoli radio.

I went to Ikea Friday to get a frame for Tom’s cat photo (I wanted thin black, which to my horror was nowhere to be found so I had to use a silver one), and spotted this really cool chair cover. It is supposed to be for the Esbjörn chair but it seems to be pretty close in fit to my J104 chair by Hay Denmark. I use it as a desk chair, parking my butt on it for hours on end so I was desperate for some cushioning. I think it’s adorable – like a little duvet for my chair but sadly the cover only comes in a natural colour (I would have preferred grey).

I KNEW the cats would take it over!

New art in my home

Posted on Wed, 26 Feb 2014 by KiM

I wanted to share some new art I have hanging in my home. These pieces are alot more meaningful than all the other art in my home so I deemed them worthy of a post (hope you all agree).

My husband’s birthday was Friday. His 40th was last year and due to alot of chaos at the time, we didn’t do much and I didn’t get him anything special. When I found out a co-worker’s husband is a super talented art teacher, I immediately knew what I wanted to get Jeff as a present. When we lost our cat Cheeks in November, Jeff was absolutely devastated – moreso than I was as Cheeks was his little buddy for the past 10 years. I thought a portrait of Cheeks would be the perfect gift and a way to remember our special boy. The artist, Ranajit Sinha, chose this photo for the painting (and decided on oil/acrylic on canvas):

When Ranajit’s wife Gayatri brought the painting in to work, I balled my eyes out (I know that would happen so I made her bring it to my more private cubicle), and balled my eyes out with my husband when I gave it to him that night (and I’m fighting back tears as I write this).

It’s perfect. It’s SO Cheeks. Rana could not have done a better job. Thank you Gayatri and Rana. 🙂 (If anyone wants Rana’s contact info send me an email through our contact form – he’s looking for some side projects)

And on a much happier note, my blog buddy Peggy (also here) whom Jo and I have known since the beginnings of this blog, sent me some of her photographs she had printed. She did this a while back and we finally got around to getting them up on the wall. While I was in Mexico my husband cut and screwed a piece of OSB board into the wall in our upstairs hallway between the bathroom and dressing room – essentially the only wall I could make free in the house. I then just cut some pieces of neon pink duct tape and taped them to the wood. Peggy had thought we could make some rustic frames for them but this was a helluva lot easier and I think it looks really cool. Thank you Peggy for these awesome photos – I love my new art wall!

A dump turned jewel

Posted on Thu, 9 Jan 2014 by KiM

About a month ago my husband and I took on a quick project in our home that was literally life changing. I wanted to share it with you all now that I finally have photos thanks to a bit of free time over the holidays. My house is quite small as I have complained MANY times here, and has no decent storage. We eat at home alot, and despite having a fabulous new kitchen, there was still not enough storage for food after our trips to the grocery store. Another dilemma we have with this house is there is NO closet on the main floor. When you walk in the front door you are smack in the middle of the living room. This is Ottawa, so having no adequate space to dump wet snowy jackets and boots was beyond annoying. There is a room at the back of the house just beyond the kitchen. We decided to turn the space into a pantry/cold storage(LOL)/coat room. Here is a post of it when I redecorated and made it my office. I am so freaking happy with the space now. We have FOUR Ikea shelving units to store the majority of our food, some dishes, and office supplies! YESSS!!! My husband also built a storage unit to house all of our coats, boots and seasonal accoutrements. 🙂 A dump of a space turned out to be one of the most useful in the house, and it’s pretty cute to boot! (Sorry, I took an overabundance of photos)

This room is not wired for lighting so we had to improvise and bought some cute clamp lights for the top of the shelves. We can finally see in there!

A photo by my friend Maura and my beloved South African Wonki Ware dishes from Green Light District

The microwave is plugged in and now lives on the firt shelf so it’s easy to get to. LOVE not having it on the kitchen counter.

We bought 7 or 8 of the hanging baskets above – they’re GREAT!

Thanks to all this shelving I was able to utilize a bunch of my vintage storage containers (I’m a bit obsessed) – apple baskets, metal locker bins, crates… and that’s Pheoebe. I could not find a black and white runner anywhere so red for now.

I found an old can of charcoal grey paint in the basement so I painted 2 walls with it, as well as the front vertical sections of the shelving.

I didn’t want the table above in the space but I brought in that succulent planter for the winter and had no other place for it, and one of my cats Lucky adores that hammock so it had to stay. It needs a paint job (we found it in the AS IS section at Ikea for about $50). The white shelving to the right is the cat perch made out of an Ikea baby change table that we chopped in half and mounted to the wall.

The back door is now our main entrance. And that’s Felix. He’s huge.

My husband whipped up this unit out of some plywood one afternoon. It’s been over 6 years since I’ve had a proper place to hang my jackets. 🙂 I decided to leave it unpainted because it was too damn cold out and I like raw plywood.

Felix (and Mimin’s tongue)


New art

Posted on Wed, 8 Jan 2014 by KiM

Jo mentioned back in this post a few weeks ago that the lovely folks over at Arte Limited offered us some prints that they carry in their online shop. I was super excited because I love art, was craving some new pieces for my home, and the artists on their roster are REALLY talented. I picked out 3 I thought would work in my home, and I adore all 3. I went with inexpensive Ikea frames because why not. One ended up in my kitchen and it makes me smile every time I pass by it. It is a giclée by Mikel Nilsson called Couch.

The other 2 happened to feature portraits of women, so the only place that seemed to make sense for them was on my living room “chick wall”.

The print to the right of the TV is Tender is the Night, a giclée by Lina Ekstrand. 

I must add a couple of things at this point. First, my husband has some cord wrangling on his TODO list. Second, see that long black rectangle under the TV? That was one of the presents I bought my husband for Christmas. It is a sound bar, and pretty amazing I must admit – a present I am enjoying immensely as well. 🙂 Anyway, I had a small vintage Asian cabinet as the TV stand (as seen here) but that bar was too long so my husband whipped this shelving unit up one day over the holidays. I really like it! It’s alot less bulky than the last one and doesn’t stick out into the room as much – a bonus since this wall is only a small space between the front door and the stairs to the second floor (beyond annoying).

The print to the right is a giclée by Florian Meacci titled Beautiful death.

New around my house

Posted on Sun, 1 Dec 2013 by KiM

I spent all day yesterday getting the majority of my Christmas shopping done so I didn’t have much time to prepare a post for today. I thought I’d just share some photos of new stuff around my house. To start, I finally pulled something out of storage I’ve been dying to display for a few years. When I got married in 2010, Jo sent me a Moroccan wedding blanket as a wedding gift. It is absolutely beautiful and one of my most treasured possessions. I had planned to hang it in the bedroom of my new house but since that house has been delayed, I figured to hell with it, and hung it over a branch we found at my sister’s cottage and positioned it over the bed as a headboard. I love that I can see it every day. And the cats leave it alone so that’s a bonus. (To note, my bedroom is a dumping ground for furniture that doesn’t work in any other room, and has linens picked more out of necessity than anything else so one day I hope to have my bedroom set up a little more planned/calculated)

Phoebe came in after a few minutes of me snapping photos – coincidentally she matches the room rather well so I included her in some shots. (Consider this my pets on furniture entry for this week).

Yesterday I went to my favourite local housewares/furniture store, The Modern Shop, to pick up some Christmas presents and could not resist a couple presents for myself. The owner Mke is a super nice guy and long time advertiser on our blog, and he carries some of my all time favourite brands like Hay Denmark and Normann Copenhagen. He always has about 5 chairs in stock that I end up drooling over, and yesterday was no exception. I’ve been dying for a Hay chair and there was a grey J104 on the floor that my husband and I decided we needed to bring home because our tiny house needed yet another chair apparently.

It was supposed to be my husband’s new chair at the dining table but because of the arms and my super narrow house it didn’t quite work out, so my upholstered eames office chair is being relegated once again to the basement and it is my new desk chair.

I also picked up some Hay scissors – love the shape!

I was thinking of hanging them on the wall somewhere in the kitchen but for now they are resting on my backsplash.

Another stop yesterday was a little town south west of Ottawa called Merrickville, where my husband insisted on picking up what is our only Christmas decoration. His name is Arthur, and he’s going to hang out next to the sofa.