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Jo shared the 17th century, 3,300 sq ft Milan palazzo of designer Vincenzo De Cotiis a few years ago and I recently stumbled upon it again and because it truly is one of the most exquisite homes I have ever seen I wanted to share it again. This is what taking the time to peel back years and years of layers can get you. And when you leave it raw and untreated, it is absolutely magical and something to be revered for years to come. (You can read more about it here and here)

Photos: Simon Watson, Joachim Wichmann

Drew’s honeymoon house

Posted on Mon, 22 Feb 2021 by KiM

I don’t have cable so I don’t watch HGTV and maybe I’m the only one who doesn’t know about some mini-series about the renovation of this 100 year old home which is owned by half of the Property Brothers. Anyhoo regardless of that drivel this is fabulous and the head designer was Breeze Giannasio whom we appear to have never featured on the blog in all these years so I figured it was worth sharing. Mostly because I am love with the green tile bathroom and was thinking of similar tile for my bathroom reno.

I have been following Austin, Texas based designer Kristin Laing for some time now on Instagram (I think it was her kitchen that reeled me on – more on that below) so I figured it was about time I feature her work here on the blog. This is the house she lived in for 8 years, until she sold it a few months ago and has since moved into a new place. She shared some really incredible before (from the MLS listing) and afters on her blog and they were so insanely good I had to share. Let’s dig in!

She gave a very detailed resource list in her blog post if you’re wondering what her sources are. After photos by Brian Cole.

I hope to one day find myself with a home that needs serious renovations, where I make decisions on what original details should stay and mix it with clean lines of modern architecture. This apartment in the Literary Quarter of Madrid has beautiful textured walls and beams maintained from the original 1900 structure and it really makes the space that much more unique and intriguing. Designed by Marisa González-Llanos, via Elle Decor Spain, photos by Pablo Sarabia.

A controversial garage

Posted on Fri, 5 Feb 2021 by midcenturyjo

Garaging for this historic house renovation on its steep, busy street in the Auckland suburb of Ponsonby was impossible. The decision to make the front bedroom a car stacker garage is ingenious if not a little controversial. What do you think? Be sure to check out the video below and you can see more of the extensive rear addition to this house by Matter Architects here.