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Jerónimo’s House

Posted on Mon, 13 May 2024 by KiM

Casa Josephine – drenching rooms in colours that most people would shy away from, patterns that most people would think are too busy, creating statements (like with rugs hanging all over the walls) most people would never imagine. This is Jerónimo’s House. Photos: Pablo Zamora.

Designers’ own

Posted on Fri, 12 Apr 2024 by midcenturyjo

Dating back to 1871, Ellsworth rests serenely along a tranquil country road in northwestern Connecticut. Originally a sprawling 1,200-acre dairy farm, its current thirty-three-acre expanse of woodlands and fields preserves the narrative of its evolving past. Having admired the property for years, the renovation by Hendricks Churchill was carefully considered. Today, Heide Hendricks and Rafe Churchill call it home, honouring its history through ongoing enhancements, including maintaining hay fields and repurposing the dairy barn.

Red stove and yellow walls

Posted on Tue, 26 Mar 2024 by KiM

The apartment has a clock chip in a partial enfilade and is located in the attic of a tenement house dating back to 1905. A marble fireplace constitutes the central part of the interior. A hand-painted ceiling refers to the Dutch painting. The walls are covered with wooden panels. Single herringbone pattern of the wooden floor is painted in white. The apartment is furnished with originally designed furniture and furniture systems which are tailor-made according to a design. (Some of this might not be translating correctly from Polish)
This project by Polish architect and colour designer Karolina Rochman-Drohomirecka is titled “Red Stove” but I think it really needs to be “Red Stove and Yellow Walls”. The graphic trim in the kitchen with the fun red stove, the lemon yellow central area with the gorgeous painted floral design on the black ceiling are really making a statement. Though I will admit I am 100% not on board with the white painted herringbone wood floor (whyyyyyyyyy?????).

Harmonious fusion

Posted on Mon, 25 Mar 2024 by midcenturyjo

Designed by Pandolfini Architects, South Yarra House melds sculptural and brutalist elements, crafting a distinctive aesthetic. Encased in concrete and glass, its interior boasts gallery-like expanses. Soft curves, clay-toned bricks, reeded glass, and walnut floors redefine space, complemented by Simone Haag‘s styling. Haag’s curation includes resin lamps, lambswool chairs, and hand-knotted rugs, striking a balance between austerity and warmth. Amidst neutral tones, textiles and art exude opulence, tempering the brutalist surfaces. This interplay extends to furniture, where sleek designs meet tactile elements, culminating in a harmonious fusion.

Photography by Lillie Thompson.

Built in 1707, this Queen Anne country house in Oxfordshire is home to designer Samantha Todhunter who designed it with many unexpected and magnificent touches that add to its charm. Staircase walls lined with turquoise paperbacked silk, with the stairs covered in Diane von Furstenberg’s ‘Climbing Leopard’ carpet, Phillip Jeffries red grasscloth paper in the drawing room, kitchen cabinetry in one of my favourite colurs – Farrow & Ball’s Setting Plaster, a glossy dark blue study and the list goes on. (Some photos by Simon Brown)