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The project is located in Marvila, one of the oldest industrial and working class areas in Lisbon. The project aimed to transform an attic apartment without any living conditions into a bright and open space with a breathtaking view for the Tagus River, creating an idea of a “lighthouse”, a shelter at the top of the building, which opens for the distant views of the surrounding built environment, framed by the sky and the sea, disconnected from the disturbance of the city life. Due to the dysfunctionality of the previous configuration of the apartment and the very poor condition of its structure, it became necessary to replace the entire roof and remake all of its interiors. The main objective of this project was to create a space as open and bright as possible. To achieve this goal, we decided to contain the private areas – bedroom and bathroom – in a separate volume, disconnected from the roof, leaving the remaining open space around it as the space of a living room. Both storage and kitchenette were contained in another volume created along the living room, an element integrated in the gable wall. As a result of this intervention, we were able to create a functional, bright and open space, a space that lets you breathe and, despite its modern character, revives the spirit of the area in which it was created.
Despite this 60 m2 apartment being quite minimal and modern, in opposition to most of what we post these days, I could not help myself when this popped into our inbox as I am always mesmerized by how architects can make use of every square inch of a small and awkward space. This apartment with everything hidden away is brilliant. I’d add a couple antique chairs and centuries-old portraits and this would make for the perfect Portugal pied-à-terre. Architect: KEMA studio. Photos: Alexander Bogorodskiy and Eliza Borkowska.

Inner city courtyard oasis

Posted on Fri, 11 Nov 2022 by midcenturyjo

Sydney-based landscape architectural firm Outdoor Establishments call this Lilyfield garden “small but mighty” and it is indeed. Limited space and dramatic level changes, major excavation and retaining wall construction were required to create usable landscape spaces. At the same time, the plants were chosen for height and their ability not to overwhelm the entertaining areas. A green oasis in the inner city.

Photography by Natalie Hunfalvay

Playing on a Saturday

Posted on Sat, 5 Nov 2022 by midcenturyjo

Not my usual Working on a Saturday, not the usual commercial building. Today it’s all about playing sport on a Saturday. Cricket in fact.

“A joyous little folly dedicated to the game and all its absurdity. The P.W.C.C exterior is distinctive – a chiselled roof, rigorous battening and weatherboards all hark back to the heroic kiwi sports pavilions of the past.”

Point Wells Cricket Club by Auckland-based Pac Studio.

Shades of red and green in a Paris apartment

Posted on Fri, 4 Nov 2022 by KiM

This Paris apartment was designed with travel in mind. The inspiration were hotel rooms, luxury train carriages, with a certain degree of luxury and elegance. Shades of red and green were used throughout – not typically a palette I’m drawn to but designer Hugo Toro worked magic here and I adore it. (Photos: Leny Gueta)

I love this story…
Miss Rose contacted me from Philadelphia in the midst of pandemic to ask if I would be willing to make her a pied à terre in the Marais. An American who had fallen in love with France, she dreamed of being able to offer herself a refuge in Paris. In this particular health context, the urgency to live her dreams took precedence. The flat was bought from a distance and we worked together on the project by skype. It was a great way to escape from everyday life by defying the prohibitions, to meet around a project that offered us a beautiful escapade in the imagination. Miss Rose has that quiet determination that breaks down all obstacles; that confidence and emotional generosity that carries you along. She knew even before she bought the flat that I was going to make her nest and she accompanied us throughout the project with a patience and enthusiasm that made this adventure an exceptional moment
I think I might cry. Marianne Evennou making 16 m2 dreams a reality. (Photos: Grégory Timsit)