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The Art Studio

Posted on Tue, 23 Apr 2024 by KiM

A quaint addition to the iconic Spray Farm Estate (Victoria’s Bellarine Peninsula), The Art Studio purposefully and eloquently invites artistic inspiration from the first step inside. Architecturally referencing details of the original homestead, our interior choices were sympathetic to the surrounding landscape, minimalist in design, abundant in high quality craftsmanship and technically executed for practicality.
I may not be an artist per se but WHOA would working at my current government day job virtually and working on this blog from a space like this would be a dream come true. And I thought my greenhouse was a decent outdoor space to work from…
Interiors: Watts Studio and Amiconi Architect; Architect & Construction: David Webb Building Solutions; Photography: Timothy Kaye; Art Direction: Marsha Golemac.

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Here, the choice was made to open up all the windows to maximise the amount of light but also the number of views to the outside world. The kitchen is completely open to the living room and stands out for its colour, but is discreet in that it hides all its cupboards, offering a kind of extension to the living room, reinforced by the presence of a large mirror above the worktop, which plays with the volumes and has fun blocking the view with a play of reflections. The bedroom has been designed as a glazed hut set into the flat. Made entirely of rough-hewn planks, it provides just enough space for a double bed, a dressing area and a discreet passageway to the bathroom, which is dressed in pink and marble. Playing with perspectives and offering unobstructed views, while at the same time highlighting the uniqueness and specificity of each room, makes the small square metre definitely more lively and livable.
Marianne Evennou does it best, taking a tiny 35m2 apartment in Paris’ 1st arrondissement, and making it seem much larger. Bright, colourful and full of style. Photos: Grégory Timsit.

The power of original architecture

Posted on Thu, 28 Mar 2024 by KiM

Vanguard Flower – A 90 square meters apartment in a tenement house dating back to the beginning of the 20th century located near the beach. Renovation works involved a complete reconstruction along with the restoration of the original window woodwork in order to restore the ambiance of a pre-war interior. Beautiful patterns from Pierre Frey and Braquenié collections are exposed in all of the rooms. The bedroom doors are decorated with a Ralph Lauren wallpaper. Furniture is upholstered and wooden furniture systems are tailor-made according to the original design.
The architectural details of this home are absolutely stunning!!! Hooray again to Karolina Rochman-Drohomirecka for honouring the original details in this home and ensuring they were maintained and for playing off of the rounded shapes in most of the apartment to really make them a focal point.

Designers’ own

Posted on Tue, 5 Mar 2024 by midcenturyjo

This stylish yet petite apartment (80m2) is the home of Lotte and Dennis Antonio Bruns of Amsterdam-based DAB Studio. Yes the tiny kitchen is in a hallway and the bedroom is more hole in the wall than boudoir but their sensitive and sensual design is rich with cognac and tobacco hues and mid century meets modern furniture. The split-level home at the base of a canal house shows what can be done when you don’t fight your constraints but learn to embrace them.

Photography by Daniëlle Siobhán and Flare Department.

The Green Box

Posted on Tue, 27 Feb 2024 by KiM

By locating a single but complex green millwork box at the center of the long apartment, circulation can flow around all sides. In the box are hidden all the kitchen and bath services; around it are public rooms that face a view of the city on two sides and, on the interior, a more private enfilade of rooms for bathing. The palette of rich colors contrasts with neutral raw concrete walls and ceilings; in addition to the deep green of the central millwork are richly colored natural quartzite stones, terrazzo, brass, botanical silks and colorful fabrics designed by Josef Frank.
I’m not sure which is my favourite element – that perfect shade of green on all that wonderful built in shelving, that glorious green stone in the kitchen, the brass and stone fireplace…. Designed by Ester Bruzkus Architekten, this 120 sq m apartment in Berlin is city living at its finest! (Photos: Robert Rieger)