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L’Artigianato – Eric Egan

Posted on Fri, 18 Jun 2021 by KiM

L’Artigianato is a design firm founded in Milan by Chicago-born Eric Egan. For every project, Eric artfully marries his in-depth passion and knowledge for the history of interior decoration with expertly considered design that feels fresh for the modern day. Eric crafts each interior to tell a unique story that weaves together elements of the client, the setting, and the property itself. His interior landscapes, uniting the practicalities of hotel design with the beauty of residential sophistication, speak only of the highest comfort, quality and elegance, finely balancing the ultimate in luxury with tasteful restraint. Each of his spaces is magazine-worthy, refined, polished, with not-so-subtle hints of European flair.

A gut-renovated home in LA

Posted on Wed, 16 Jun 2021 by KiM

Here is another project by Josh Greene I wanted to share with you. This old-school west L.A. style home in Brentwood, California was gut renovated for a young family. It too is a slam dunk, but this time the colour palette is much more neutral and the overall vibe is more casual and bohemian. (Photos: Shade Degges)

Elegance with colour and pattern

Posted on Mon, 14 Jun 2021 by KiM

Designer Josh Greene knocked this project out of the park! This was a complete renovation of a full-floor apartment on Manhattan’s Upper East Side. It is loaded with elegance and class which in my humble opinion is hard to pull off when using lots of colours and patterns. I especially love the lacquered cobalt blue walls of the library with the wallpapered ceiling. So dramatic! And must give props to the acid green silk rug in the dining room – what a statement! (Photos: Eric Piasecki)

The Peter Pan House

Posted on Thu, 10 Jun 2021 by KiM

It only makes sense to name the home in which JM Barrie wrote Peter Pan The Peter Pan House. This West London townhouse is a Grade II*-listed property in which not one single detail (door handles included) can be changed without permission, and thus its quirks were reserved, and the owners requested the designer, Studio Ashby, utilize lots of colour and pattern. It’s traditional yet full of energy and whimsy. (Photos: Brotherton Lock)

The Good Room

Posted on Wed, 9 Jun 2021 by midcenturyjo

You know the room, the good one, the one at the front of the house you never use. You’re always out the back in the family room while the good room gathers dust. Not if the good room is styled by Simone Haag. Think 70s funky meets contemporary chic in a room lined with rich Edwardian wood panelling and whimsical wallpaper. It’s vibrant, it’s fun and it’s definitely not a musty, dusty Good Room.

Photography by Dylan James