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Originally built in the 1950’s as a two room gentleman’s hunting cabin, this house had been added to over the decades. Our clients decided they wanted to renovate and more significantly expand its footprint to suit their young family’s needs. Self-professed home bodies who love to cook and entertain, they wanted the house to have many cozy nooks where they and their daughters could curl up with a book. Fearless in their pursuit of a colorful, layered home, their love of pattern and saturated hues drove the whimsical story from room to room.
This 8000 sq ft, 22 room home filled with no less than 77 patterns could not be more family-friendly and cozy to the max. There is at least 18 spots where I too would want to curl up with a book, a cat and a coffee. Designed by McGrath II. (Photos: Joshua McHugh)

How do you take a historic 1870’s home and create an addition and gut remodel, yet have everything look as if it has always been there?
Inspiration: The romance of New Orleans courtyards, 1870’s victorian architecture, a healthy dose of color, and a splash of modernity come together to create a family home that’s steeped in history yet totally fresh.

I am sooooo in awe of the unparalleled and glamorous approach Summer Thornton took to her historic home. That peach/pink library is soooooooo gorgeous I am going to go out on a limb and say it’s one of my all-time favourite rooms. Photos: Melanie Acevedo and Werner Straube

Villa Cali

Posted on Thu, 5 Jan 2023 by KiM

 “To the studs” renovation of an iconic 1971 New Formalist home on a half-acre waterfront lot in Preston Hollow (Dallas, Texas).  This home remained in mostly original condition, allowing for a blank canvas of well-preserved details and room for imagination. We paid careful attention to the original architect’s design intent, as well as studied photographs of the home from the 1970s to understand how the home was decorated and functioned in its early years.  Our goal was to preserve key design elements while making the home functional for today. Our design solution is a Maximalist interior design full of patterns, textures, a mixture of glossy and matte finishes, and big impact statements.  Inspired by Hollywood and Palm Springs glamour and destinations around the globe, the spaces are curated with heirloom pieces, Maestri originals, and beautiful objects and original art to make the spaces feel as personal as possible.
This is EXACTLY what this home called for. Nothing too serious, graphic and playful. Designed by Maestri Studio. (Photos: Nathan Schroeder; Styling: Jenny O’Connor)

A wonderful riot of colour and pattern, materials and art, vintage and bespoke. From a yellow spiral staircase to a library with not only books but cacti the home is packed with personality and fun. I would happily move in right now. Hill House Four by The Archers.

Full of character and colour. Just one look and you know it’s quintessential English style. Old sits with new while pattern is layered and celebrated. It’s all eminently sensible and it’s all a lot of jolly fun. Living life well in the Riverside House, West London by Kate Guinness.

Photography by James McDonald