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House of Ideas

It may have been only existed as an installation for the Lodz Design Festival earlier this month but how amazing would it be if this hauntingly beautiful old house could retain its modern trappings, even better if I could live there. A fantastical world of peeling ceilings and tattered wallpaper as backdrop to cutting edge furniture, striking art and a jungle of indoor plants. This slightly fractured dream of a domain is by Design Alive and you can read more including sources here.

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11ft wide family home

What do you do when you and the kids have outgrown your 11ft (3.3m) wide Brooklyn row house? What do you do when you love where you live and don't want to move further out to get that valuable space you need? Why you extend up and down but do it cleverly, making effective yet frugal use of the space. If the result is "a home that is not just larger, but livelier" then I guess you and the kids will love living in your special piece of Brooklyn. By Office of Architecture.

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Stalking monochrome Multiplicity in Melbourne

It's another case of stalking déjà vu. Architecturally designed homes we have featured previously on the blog seem to be hitting the market. Today I'm stalking this Brunswick East house by Melbourne-based architectural studio Multiplicity. If I remember correctly I was quite taken by the storage system in the kitchen. (You can see it in its architect's portfolio life here.) Now it's even more fabulous with its "styling for sale" by inside story, the latest collaboration between Lynda Gardener and Belle Hemming. Love, love, love the Grant Featherstone Numero modular chairs in the lounge area. I'm biased though because I have the same ones. Link for this wonderful heritage cottage and its ultra-modern extension here while it lasts.

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Stalking an architect's home in Sydney

Stalking the Sydney suburb of Paddington a house caught my eye. "Don't I know you from somewhere?" I mused. I'm sure I've been inside before. Then I remembered that I had featured this house by Aileen Sage Architects before. I loved it then and I love it now. It's great seeing how the house and the family have matured over the past few years especially the garden. I also like seeing how a real estate agent perceives the property as opposed to the architect's portfolio photos. Link here while it lasts.

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Stalking SJB

I'm in Sydney, right on the harbour, stalking another apartment by SJB on the market with a price guide of $5 million. As they say "location, location, location" and I'll add "stylish, stylish, stylish." Light filled with pastel hues, lime-washed timber floor, whimsical, subtle and serene, a sugar coated almond. (You may remember the apartment from this post.) I wonder if the Navy vessel is included in the price? Guess not. Link here while it lasts.

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