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Internal courtyards and screens allow this home to be open and light filled without sacrificing privacy. Concrete grounds the open plan building providing solidity while walls of glass, slats and perforations allow light to penetrate throughout. Plantings soften and mellow, golden timbers warm. A contemporary family home by Melbourne-based Schulberg Demkiw Architects.

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Pond Hollow Lodge

It sounds wonderful as it rolls off your tongue. "Pond Hollow Lodge." It looks wonderful too. This is where I'll be spending this weekend ... in my day dreams. Nothing to disturb the rural idyll except the chorus of frogs and the pop of champagne corks. By Reese Owens Architects.

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Refreshingly white

There's something refreshingly cool about this Sydney house. It's whitest of white interiors bounce light around a once dark and confused warren of rooms while wide walls of windows drink in a stunning view over the water. Clean lined, contemporary, open plan, impeccably stylish. The only thing missing from these pictures is me. Quakers Bay House by Burley Katon Halliday.


Southold simplicity

2017. I can't believe it. The start of a new year on the blog and I'm excited to get going. My round up of room favourites for 2016 revealed a shift in my tastes. A shift towards a simplified way of living. A shift away from the gimmicky, the throw away, the quick fix. (I know I'll be tempted though. I'm human after all.) It's not about trends. It never should be. It's about exploring your style but keeping it real. It's about the beauty of being authentic. A lovely of cottage isn't torn down or tarted up to be something it's not. It's respected and lived in. It's about surrounding yourself with the pieces you have collected and cherished over time. It's about your personality settling comfortably into the rooms you inhibit. It's like this home in Southold on Long Island by Jennifer Vaughn Miller of Vaughn Miller Studio. Simply beautiful.

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A weekend home with ocean views

With views like this who cares what the house looks like?! But when it's as fabulous as this - BONUS! An interior landscape is created which merges into the surrounding external landscape. Materials and colours are drawn from the local environment and counterbalance the intense blue ocean hues. Natural timbers, local stone, textures tiles and muted stones are selected to mimic the surrounds. Selected paint and tile colours reflect the deep oranges and reds found in the local stone and local flora. The house is grand in scale, yet the spaces are relaxed yet sophisticated, modular and flexible. The balanced selection of imported and local furniture, lighting and materials celebrates the quality of local design within a global design environment. By FMD Architects.

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