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Weekend house in São Paulo

Welcome to São Paulo, a seething city of 20 million in Brazil. Welcome to your weekender, your bolt hole in the middle of it all. The owners of this striking home decided that being trapped in a traffic jam for hours on end with their fellow city dwellers all trying to make their summer exodus to the beach just wasn't worth it. They, or rather spbr arquitetos, bought the getaway to the city.

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Crisp House

The 1850s timber house from had seen better days, its original features long stripped away. "The new addition is concealed using the same form/angle/dimension of the existing cottage, but where that is clad in traditional horizontal timber weatherboards, the new addition is clad in vertical ironbark shiplap. The 2 timber species are further contrasted by their treatment – traditional painted finish for the cottage whereas the ironbark will be left to weather off and soften in appearance. " Inside large sliding walls of glass let in the light and provide easy access to the outside while the materials palette is of plywood, oak, steel, bluestone, brass and cement. Modern living in a strict heritage preservation area. Crisp House in the Melbourne suburb of Collingwood by Robert Nichol & Sons.

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Working on a Saturday

You must be sick of me saying it week after week but it still holds true. If you have to drag your sorry self into work on a weekend it better be somewhere stylish. Amen. Fjord Helsinki by Studio Joanna Laajisto.

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Warehouse living in inner-city Sydney

I've always dreamed of warehouse living but this Surry Hills conversion by Josephine Hurley Architecture takes it to the next level. Those windows are to die for, the brick on fleek and the modern minimalism the perfect counterfoil to this historic industrial building.

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Together Apart

My sister and I shared a bedroom for many years as children. There would have been far fewer fights if our parents had divided our room like this. Beds above, desks below and pull out dividing walls. Hang on. There better be another reading cubby on the other wall or it won't end well ;) Together Apart by Melbourne-based Architecture Architecture.

Photography by Tom Ross