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Working on a Saturday

Who wouldn't want to go into the office on a weekend if it looked as great as this. Murphy Pipe & Civil Marc&Co.

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The only thing missing is the rubber duckie. Bathroom by Jane Cameron Architects.


Hudson Woods

Mike Kolodesh of Lang Architecture wrote to us about a project of theirs located in Upstate New York called Hudson Woods. It is a series of really beautiful architect built eco-homes tucked away into the Catskill mountains. The perfect getaway in style! They just finished up the model home and sent us some photos to share. It has totally changed my view of 'rustic' cabin living. ;) And they have styled the home so beautifully too. Living in a home like this could very well make me more tolerant of winter (I cannot believe I just typed that).

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Here now

I want to be here. Now. Please. Imagine having a little getaway at the end of the garden, on an island, down on the lake, maybe by the sea. A bit of grass, a lot of water and this. Here. Now. Please. By Dutch architectural firm 2by4.

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Hess Hoen

Oh dear lord help me! I don't know where to start. I can't find the words to describe how much I love this harbour side home in Sydney by Hess Hoen. Old meets new. Layers of texture and simple luxury. Stone and oak and linen and tile. Oh my! It has me flustered in the very best way.

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