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Stalking leftovers

It's about time! I've been stalking but not sharing and it has to end. As you know I am fussy, particular, choosy, picky and hard to please. Not quite right, bad photos, more photos please, house is amazing furniture is deplorable, can't quite put my finger on it listings but all with something that has me nodding "yes". It's a bumper offering this week. We have the usual terrace houses, some retro gems that need saving, my first fish tank stalking and Jamie Durie's house. Some have even sold I've been holding onto to them so long! Click on the images to head to the listings. All via

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Beach side meets inner city edge in this apartment renovation by Megan Burns and Christopher Glanville of C+M Studio. A gentle curving wall defines the spaces and draws you from space to space. Clean lines, the play of warm against sleek surfaces, beautiful, modern furniture and art, light and shadow all work together to create a wonderful home by the sea in this Manly, Sydney home.

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Stalking restrained

Restrained, limited loveliness. Elegant sufficiency. A few simple pieces, a small space, a monochromatic palette and then peace. I wish I could live like this but I sit at the centre of clutter chaos. Stalking in Darlinghurst, Sydney. Link here while it lasts.

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Stalking a repeat in Yarraville

You may think you've seen this house before ... and you have but from the architect's portfolio not through the lens of a real estate photographer. Funny how things don't look quite so perfect. The everyday creeps in like wrinkles in the sheets and furniture layouts in long shots that don't quite look as good as a close cropped image. Hell who am I kidding. This house is pretty darn perfect regardless of differences in photos. I'm stalking the Yarraville House by Techné . Link here while it lasts. (Thanks Andrea!)

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Dramatically monochromatic

I love black and white spaces, and the home of Sydney fashion designer Charlie Brown is a great representation of how to do black and white with elegance and class. It seems to often be too easy to turn this colour scheme into something far too modern or cold. Here it works beautifully (minus the annoying post-processing). Via Vogue Living Australia, photos by Hugh Stewart. (P.S. Her custom-made antler and crystal chandelier is giving me some ideas...)

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