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Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow

Another sunny day in paradise! To take your mind off the inclement northern winter weather I've been stalking this home in northern New South Wales just south of the gorgeous resort town of Byron Bay. It's a series of interconnecting pavilions blurring the line between inside and out. Just right for this part of the world. And the beach is only a 50 metre walk along a bush track. I'm afraid to ask the price but a girl can dream.

The real estate agent has gone all out with this pitch. Lots of gorgeous scenery and lifestyle shots. There is even a dolphin surfing a wave. The truth is ... this is what it's really like. Heaven! Here while it lasts.


Thomas Hamel

It's a masculine look complete with fine antiques, a dark palette and simple yet luxurious lines. Sydney based interior designer Thomas Hamel creates rooms that have a gentleman's club feel, a patrician look that speaks of taste and style not glitz and glam. (He worked in his early career for Parish-Hadley.) It's leather and linen, parchment and the warm patina of old furniture, dark and brooding at times and at others light filled.


Running, stalking and not winking

It's that time of the year. It's crazy!!! Parties, simple get togethers, shopping and cleaning. The presents are bought (we haven't gone overboard) but there's still the food and the house is a mess. Friends want to catch up for drinks and I'm running round in circles. I'm sure you all know what I'm talking about. So .... I have no winks prepared for today. As way of apology I thought I'd share a recent real estate stalk. Paddington, Sydney, way out of my price range but white and quirky and cool and so comfy casual. Now if we could only all meet up here for christmas drinks. Wait I need to pop out for more nibbles. (Here while it lasts.)

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WINKS will be taking a break through the holiday period but will be back in the new year. I couldn't go though without saying "Why didn't anyone tell me that Another Shade of Grey is back?" I love this blog and really missed it when Julie stopped blogging back in April. Now she's back! (Since October and I only found out a couple of weeks ago. At least I had quite a few posts to enjoy.) So pop on over and be inspired. You probably all knew already. Maybe I'm just late to the party. Party? Oh I am running late for drinks. Bye!


The Wheatsheaf House

A certain house in a previous post caused a little stir and no wonder because it is a spectacular piece of architecture. The Wheatsheaf House by Jesse Judd is just outside Daylesford in Victoria, Australia set amongst the stark and eerie landscape of gum trees. A holiday home Judd played with the idea of a tent or a shack, something impermanent on the landscape. Ideas inspired by old plywood caravans and bus shelters were translated into a steel, laminated glass and plywood cocoon which sits gently on the land and addresses the striking beauty of the site. Variously described as rose to red to orange (depending on which article you read or the lighting in a photo you peruse) the interiors are stained plywood forming a striking frame for the minimalist modern furniture within. The drama in in the c shaped main living area. Sleeping and bathing are in a relatively simple compartment down a corridor. It's an organic, truly magical building.

... these images by Peter Bennetts Photographer


Inside Out

I'm so lucky here in Australia. We have some of the best house magazines in the world. Lots of great homes featured, loads of big fat juicy pictures, resources, trends and the magazines aren't three quarters full of ads. My favourites include Vogue Living Australia, belle (it's about time they got a website) and Home Beautiful (this is improving leaps and bounds) but I guess if I had to name my all time favourite it would be a tie between Real Living and the magazine I'm featuring today - Inside Out. These are from their digital sampler. Just enough eye candy to get you hooked into a subscription and there's nothing better than flipping through the pages of an Australian magazine.