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Plans for the weekend?


So much to do this weekend but I'm hoping to make time to explore homelife. It's the new online home for Australian magazines Notebook:, Inside Out, Country Style and Parents. AND there are galleries!! And it's where Inside Out magazine's blog has moved to .... AND there are galleries. I love Inside Out, Notebook: is fab too and now there are galleries. I plan to scour every one this weekend for inspiration. Here's a taste of what you can expect. Modern rustic featured in Notebook:Magazine with photography by Polly Eltes.







WARNING. If clean modern lines, natural finishes, midcentury furniture classics, an understanding of the relationship between inside and out, the beauty of timber tick your boxes, if practicality is as important as beauty, if rooms should be playful and life is for living and homes are for people then Australian architectural firm Alwill will have your heart pounding, your palms sweaty and your head in a spin. Don't worry. It's not lethal. It's love.







I want to live here ....

I thought after Kim's last post on a loft conversion that I just had to share this unique building for sale in Melbourne. I want to live here! I'm already moving out the current occupant's furniture (not quite my cup of tea) and imagining where all my things would go. As it is so large there would be a home for ALL the "junk" I own. Maybe I'd need to buy more. The Distillery Tower, circa 1862, is six levels plus a spectacular rooftop deck providing a 360º view of the city. Please, please I want to live here. I'd have to barrack for the Collingwood football team though  .... hmmmm there has to be a down side to everything ;)


Beach shack

When the wind and waves roll in from Antarctica a beach shack needs to be cosy and warm. This minimalist modern concrete and timber bunker may not spring to mind as your typical beach abode but when inclement weather is chilling your bones on the southern coastline of Australia you'll be toasty warm inside. Designed by de Campo Architects. Real estate stalking again here.


A tale of two cities

Ah Sydney! Brash and loud, young and vibrant, nouveau rich and tacky tacky tacky .... or so the gossip goes. (I'm from Brisbane so I'd never say such things about Sydney, honestly). No Sydney is an oasis of style, a retreat. It may be in your face at times (hey it's always fun) but you'll find lush cool gems like this Paddington house just waiting to refresh your spirit. Here while the link lasts.

Ah Melbourne! Stuffy, old fashioned, dreary and old money, tasteful and condescending. No I swear that's not true! I promise. We don't think that way at all up here in the tropics. It's home to new design and new ideas. Sometimes a great sense of style and an old money suburb (South Yarra) can combine in a modern way. Luxury referencing the past but living in the present. (Here while the link lasts.) The moral of the story? Don't believe the stereotypes.