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What the!

White. White wash. White out. White on white. White the hell is going on here!!! I've heard of monochrome but this is more like monotonous. I've been real estate stalking in sunny Queensland and somehow I am snow blind. What were they thinking? Someone please buy this house and fill it with colour or at least do a drive by with a paint gun! My favourite is the camouflaged dog. Here while the link lasts.

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Still stalking

Can you tell I'm back at work? My real estate stalking has increased. Two houses. Both in Melbourne. One a small house in Fitzroy. The other what appears to be a converted commercial building in Caulfield. One a casual almost thrown together house with wrinkled beds and water droplets on the shower screen. The other styled and styled and styled. Cool but I need to take some cushions off the bed, ditch the throws, roll up some of those hides and take those words out of the kitchen. The first house I want to iron the bedspread. The second I want to rumple it. Links here and here while they last.

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Stalking modern boho

If my last stalking home left you cold with its unsympathetic, icy and bland extension (you were cruel in your comments) then perhaps this North Carlton house might be just what you were hoping for. It's another "mullet" house. That's a new term I heard for this type of renovation. Like a mullet hairstyle or dress. Short/small in the front and long/large in the back. This house though .... oh the boho meets contemporary style vibe. And a great kids house too. I would love to see this one shot magazine style. Those wide angle photos and artificial lighting are so unflattering. Link here while it lasts just don't pass out when you see the price

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Stalking a dichotomy

Like night and day. Black and white. Inside and out. Front and back. Old and new. Victorian era house and modern extension for sale in Richmond, Melbourne. The dark moody spaces appeal while I think it may be the lighting that leaves me a little cold in the open plan kitchen and family room. Do you see the must have "I've made it!" Australian house accessory? It's the outdoor kitchen. We're crazy for them here. Link here while it lasts.

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Stalking tiny apartments in Kings Cross

It's Saturday. Time to hit the bars and restaurants. Time to hit the town. Party time. We're heading to Kings Cross in Sydney. The city never sleeps but when we drag our weary bodies home it won't be far if we owned this teeny tiny but über stylish apartment. Converted from a 40 sq m studio in a one bedroom flat with some clever spacial juggling and a hole lot of style. Smart! William Smart of Smart Design Studio that is. Link to the real estate listing here and link to the architect's website here where you can view the images just a little better.