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Carter Williamson encore

See - if you ask nicely and wait patiently sometimes wishes come true. Websites get updated or redesigned. Australian architectural firm Carter Williamson design fabulous modern homes, clean and minimal. They turn their backs on the bustle of the outside world and address the private areas within without losing that inside/out feel. And their kitchens! We've featured them before and Shaun Carter has even sent us photos as they updated their website. Now the site is live and there are so many more wonderful images and a wonderful look at work in progress and concepts. Time to revisit and be inspired.


Can't get enough .....

.... of the March/April Inside Out magazine, especially this Dangar Island weekender. Love at first sight. See more of the latest edition here. (Just realised that the May/June edition is out in the next few days - hooray!) Oh oh was going to keep it until the Easter Reading Guides but just had to let you know that the team from Inside Out have their own blog now. Just a few of their favourite things and lots of insider knowledge.


Back to real estate stalking at last

Is it the downturn in the market or the fact that I am scouring the real estate pages for a development property of my own that I haven't been real estate stalking (more like just drowning in real estate) lately? Here's a small lot inner city pad perfect for your hip young couple or more likely your still hip older couple with pocket loads of cash. A little out of my price range. Here while the link lasts. And yes that is an open air shower. How cool taking a shower under the stars!


Leesa O'Reilly

Another wonderful example today of the new earthy feel to the work of Australian stylists. Leesa O'Reilly's styling appears in Vogue Living, Real Living and Country Living here and once again it references the natural and organic. It's a faded, wrinkled linen, dusty, glancing afternoon sunlight feel. You feel like the owner has just left her sets and rooms to get you a coffee or a piece of that cake you just know is in the oven. A relaxed life surrounded by the simple luxuries in life. Don't miss her food portfolio!


Glen Proebstel

This is the work of one of Australia's leading stylists. Glen Proebstel, particularly in his work for Inside Out magazine (latest issue here) has a modern organic style, pared back and strong. At times moody and dark at others washed with natural light but always honest and real. It's a look that is coming to epitomise the new Aussie style and Glen is at it's forefront.