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Minimalism with maximum punch. That's how I described the portfolio of Australian interior design firm Mim when I first featured them back here. Still less but luxe, still glam without the wham bam slap you in the face m'am. Quiet but stunning. The silent assassins of style. And if minimal bathrooms are your thing then I thinking you'll be pinning several of these.

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(and OMG I need to get some black Panton S chairs....I love my white ones but the matte black ones are SO HOT)

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Warehouse stalking

Yes please! Real estate stalking again. Look at the space, look at the windows, look at the wire railings, the plunge pool, the Japanese style dining (love a pit to sit in ... just can't handle sitting cross legged at my age), the stairs. OK I'm not quite enamoured with the decor. A little too "boy brown" ;)  I'm sitting here daydreaming of how I'd furnish it and as I have lots of "virtual" money to buy it I can, of course, afford stellar art to fill it. You see I wouldn't have wasted my money on the cars. Art. Furniture. Sculpture. They're my vices. Still the warehouse is pretty damn cool. Just needs a few tweaks to fit me fine. Are you a home cinema type? Not sure if I am. All this space in Surry Hills, Sydney! Link here while it lasts.

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Jason Gibney created this beautifully crafted apartment in Bronte for his family. Minimalist. Streamlined. Honest in its materials. Clever in its use of space. Look closely and you will realise that he has extended into the roof space of his typical "six pack" apartment block. As for the kitchen hidden behind the wall ... brilliant! Jason is Managing Associate Director at Sydney architectural firm Tobias Partners. All I wish for (besides the ability to live so simply) is for larger photos! Via the Houses Awards.



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Imagine living in the bustling, densely populated inner city suburbs of a cosmopolitan city. Imagine living in a home that sits on a very small piece of land. Overlooked by neighbours. Imagine living in a private oasis with walls that slide away and blur the boundaries between inside and out. Where you can literally reach out and touch the foliage, dip your toes in the pond. Imagine a secret garden in Birchgrove in Sydney. Love this home by Pearse. There is even more to love after the jump including a couple of sexy staircases and books, oh books!.

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