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Eckersley Garden Architecture

It's a quiet start to the week on Desire to Inspire. Our American friends are celebrating the 4th of July long weekend away from their computers but that doesn't mean that the rest of us don't want something inspiring for a Monday. Rick Eckersley designs gardens that are, quite frankly, gorgeous. Practical, livable and just so inspiring. Rick and partners Scott Leung and Myles Broad are some of the foremost garden designers in Australia and it's not hard to see why.  The website is a treat with so many beautiful gardens as well as sections on focal points, plantings, pools and more. Today I've chosen two of their designs. The first is a suburban backyard complete with vege patch and chickens. The second, after the jump, is a new twist on an Australian native garden. Love!



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Maddison Architects

Maddison Architects  take a holistic approach to their work. Think architecture, interior design and landscape design. These houses address their site, explore their purpose. Like a lifesaver's tower rising from the beach the first home is perfect for costal living. Inside and out meld seamlessly. The design is responsive not intrusive. Summer holidays all year round. Don't miss the black house after the jump. I have it saved in my files for my perfect bush retreat.

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A girl can dream

It looks pretty certain that with my husband's new job (yay!) that we will be moving to the next city (not so yay!) in a few months. The house search starts all over again and in a new town, my old home town. Never thought I would be going back after I escaped left 30 years ago. One consolation though is that the real estate is cheaper and the place is full of gorgeous old timber homes. Today I'm stalking this home. Built in 1890 it oozes the old house charm I'm craving. Needs work though. Lots of painting, tweek the kitchen and bathroom, bring the garden back to life, fences, deck and of course it's much more than we can afford right now. Do you think it can stay unsold for say ... oooh ... 8 to 10 months? Then we could just about do it :) A girl can dream. More after the jump.

P.S. Because I really really want this house even if I can't afford it and no one else can have it until I can here is the general link to the real estate site but no direct link .... wouldn't want someone else to buy it! I know I've jinxed my dream already :P

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Jason Grant

Kim and I were so excited when we received an email from Jason Grant, style director for Real Living magazine. He has a new website (I've been lurking for a few days Jason. Your old blog was redirecting) and an exciting peek into his apartment in the latest issue of the magazine. Jason kindly sent over some pics of the tearsheets and well I'm lusting after everything. Those Koskela chairs! OMG!. Couldn't just leave it at a few pics of Jason's home though when his new website is brimming with fab tears of his work. Lots more inspiration after the jump!



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Tale of two cities 1 + 2

I'm stalking Melbourne and Sydney. Daydreaming again. (News on my own house search. We signed on a house here in Brisbane only to have it fall over on building and pest ... termites ... eek! The search goes on again. See what I bought instead on my page.) The first house today is from Prahan in Melbourne. Love the kitchen counter, the ladder and lights. Love the bones of this house, the bathroom vanities and the practical backyard. The second house, after the jump, is in Redfern in Sydney with recycled timbers, a loft bedroom and clever layout for a tiny space. Funky and fun, warm and quirky. The perfect inner city pad. Oh and I decided to add a third house just to even things up in the competition. 

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