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Six Degrees

Melbourne architectural firm Six Degrees (the name derives from the chilly temperature on the iconic Nylex clock the day names were being discussed) is known for embracing human scale in their work, raw materials used in unexpectedly rich, quality finishes, materials that age and tell their story with time, layering and the Japanese concept of "gomi" or utilising unwanted objects,  re-inventeding them to suit a new purpose. Although now more widely know for their high use commercial and cultural spaces it is their smaller, domestic designs that I think really embrace their ideas of human scale, rich layering, reuse and raw materials.

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Stalking Scotland Island

Climbing the slopes of Scotland Island in Pittwater north of Sydney, its footprint determined by the gums that surround it is a home that draws on memories of the holiday shacks of days gone by, of a higgledy piggledy assortment of rooms and sheds, the make do of the fisherman's shack. No make do here though. A series of rooms are connected by decks and flights of stairs. Walls slide away to open all to the outdoors, the breezes, the views through the trees. A place of privacy, of simplicity and of natural beauty. It's for sale here while the link lasts. What a tug at the heart to leave all this.

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Stalking the endless views

Perched on the rolling hills behind the coastal playground of Byron Bay in Northern New South Wales is a recently built Queenslander style home. Verandahs circle the living space, reaching out to the view. It is all about the view. Casual, colourful, laid back. Living here would be like being on holidays all year round. I'll be taking drinks by the pool. Be a dear and bring one down to me. Link here while it lasts.

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Justin Alexander

Minimalist and modern, carefully curated and contemporary. Not just the homes but the photography. Love it when a photographer matches their style to the subject's aesthetic. Imagine these beautiful minimalist spaces photographed with fussy mood lighting, overly clever angles, composition and depth of field. Clean lined is clean lined and fabulous for it. From the portfolio of Australian photographer Justin Alexander.

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Stalking a house with a secret behind the door

Behind a very unassuming facade, behind the door of a slightly tired timber and tin worker's cottage, behind what you might not give a second glance is a vibrant, modern home of polished concrete, walls of glass and white, white and more white. It's fresh and young and bright and inner city funky and it all hides behind that simple facade in Newtown, Sydney. Never judge a book by its cover. Here while the link lasts.

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