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Must love dogs

It's amazing what is hiding behind the most conservative of exteriors. That's why I love real estate stalking. A house full of art is close to my heart. A house with sculpture makes my pulse race even faster. But this house? The owner must love dogs! Walls are hung with doggy portraits, larger than life 3D dogs bound and bow (with ice-cream?) and it is all the more fun because of it. The doghouse of a canophilist! Perched in Bellevue Hill with a killer view of Sydney Harbour, you can find the link here while it lasts.

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Heiner Orth

Photographer time for me today and I'm loving the portfolio of German snapper Heiner Orth. Look at that chalet! Look at that fox in the bathroom! Heiner has a great eye and his shots have a lovely clean line. Can I say that? Beauty and style straight up, no fuss. There's something that Herr Orth does better than interiors though and that's photographing dogs. OMG you must go to his site and lose yourself in the canine fun. Simply stunning! I'll give you just a taste after the jump.



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Monday mutt madness

What have we started? The dogs are everywhere including the chair! Here's today's dose of doggie deliciousness. First up is Mark's little fella Duke taking a break in the morning sun. Coincidentally Mark and Duke live in my home town of Bris Vegas so yeah for a Queensland mutt! (And love the orange MC chairs.)

Taylor emailed "I love, love, love your posts on dogs on furniture (and the entire blog!) and just had to send you some of my own. These are just two of the many I have of my Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier, Darby Olivia Garrison (D.O.G.). She is my first attempt at motherhood because I am scared of actually raising a human at this point, thus, the middle name. In these photos Darby had just been groomed, so I kept posing her in different positions around the house. I love how different her expressions are in the first and second, and the fact that she is half on the pillow." Squeals of delight at this doggie cutie!

Last but not least Mr Handsome otherwise known as King. His mum Addie from King Studios lets this adorable puggle snuggle up on the couch to watch movies. Gorgeous dog and great blog Addie!



Beth Evans, an interior designer based in London, sent us an email the other day which included photos of her adorable dog, and a link to her blog which showcases some photos of her home, and a link to her Etsy shop. Well, I was totally smitten with each one of these and had to share them all with you. First, I had better start off with Beth's dog Elton "who likes to sleep in my box of Vintage Fabrics and sofas, and beds and anywhere else he is not supposed to be!"

Next, Beth's mid-century-decorated home, "a 1960s townhouse in London which has been in our family since its construction. We have spent the past four years rebuilding many areas of the house including the kitchen, garden and living areas, creating an open plan living space. The house is furnished with a mixture of Vintage Flea Market and High Street finds and the kitchen area is almost entirely decorated with Vintage nic nacs collected from Charity Shops and Car Boot Sales. All the cushions on display are from lollandlie and available to buy from our Etsy shop."

Last but not least, Beth's Etsy shop lollandlie, where she sells cushion covers made gorgeous graphic vintage fabrics she's been collecting for years. Great news - she'll be adding more at the end of August. Love them!!!


Ok, yet another dog post

This one comes from Jenni: "I've just adored your pets on furniture pics and had to submit my favorite of our miniature schnauzer, Oskar. When he jumped into our papasan chair (mid living room renovation), I immediately thought he looked like a creature emerging from a rabbit hole (or being swallowed by one!)." Thanks Jenni (and Oskar)!