Tuft + paw – more new modern cat furniture

Posted on Tue, 25 May 2021 by KiM

You might remember this post from back in 2018 when I received the cutest cat bed from California-based modern cat furniture company Tuft + Paw. They reached out earlier this year about some new products they have since launched as well as an awesome new website and asked if I were interested in testing out some more items from their line. I am such a sucker for decent looking, well-made cat furniture and this company really does make some of the coolest I have come across in many hours of scouring the interwebs on this subject. Above are the two I selected – the Zip scratching post and the Grove cat tower.

One of the things I love about Tuft + Paw is their attention to detail – in their designs, their simple and easy to follow assembly instructions and their packaging. You are guaranteed to never have any mishaps with your items showing up damaged in any way given how careful they package everything. Above, Mimin is inspecting the Grove box as soon as I opened it. I recycled almost everything, and what I didn’t I stashed away because I’m a sucker for good packing materials I can reuse. But before you break it all down and put in your recycle bins, you know how it goes my fellow cat parents….

Lucky insisted on a couple of hours nap in the box first.

The Grove cat tower is a beauty! They sent me over the shorter, 24″ tall version (there is a 41″ version, and it also comes in a light grey stain) which is perfect as half my crew are geriatric and would not likely have been able to jump to the top level of the tall one. I love the simple design. The slats make the cats feel safe and enclosed, and the faux shearling cushions on each level are super cozy. Since it arrived I have found Lucky asleep in it at least once a day. The others have been using it too but it seems to be Lucky’s favourite.

I’m stoked to have another awesome, modern piece of cat furniture in the house I’m not at all embarrassed by and won’t need to push out of the way if I’m trying to take random pics for Instagram. A total winner in my book.

The folks at Tuft + Paw didn’t ask me to review their Zip scratching post, but I wanted to because if you have a pile of cats like I do, and value your furniture like I do, you understand the importance of a good scratching post. The one on the left has seen better days, and I was dying for a replacement. It is very hard to find tall scratching posts. Tall is important because cats like to stretch when scratching. So to note, don’t ever cheap out and buy one of those short, cheap ones. TRUST ME. The Zip is 36″ tall and I’d say likely one of the tallest, simple and modern scratching posts you will find. The post is wrapped in a really thick sisal so this beaut is going to last a long time. All of the cats have been going to town scratching their little dagger claws on this so I’m happy to finally be able to get rid of my torn to shreds post.

Thank you Tuft + Paw for making such great cat furniture! My cats thank you too. Go have a look around their website – they have all sorts of goodies for sleeping, climbing, scratching, litter, playing and eating.

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