Monday’s pets on furniture

Posted on Mon, 3 Aug 2020 by KiM

Hi folks. I’d like to thank everyone who has sent in entries (via email or on Instagram) over the past 11 years or so. It’s crazy to think how many pets I’ve featured on the blog over all those years. It seems interest is winding down so unfortunately this will be the last Monday’s pets on furniture post. It’s been a great run and I’ve had a blast sharing with you all. The #dtipetsonfurniture tag lives on via Instagram if you need to get your weekly fill (and want to continue tagging your photos) and you will always find me sharing photos of my heard on my Instagram account @kim_dti (especially in my stories) and on my cats’ account @cattttastrophic. Thanks you soooo much! XOXO

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Spot the dog … or is this a baby shark🤣⁣ Happy mid week guys ! We are sporting sunshine and blue skyes ⁣ My DIY plans for the garden this year involve just surviving as fining wood is tricky,so i kind of made a basic table & not the one i was planning too make to replace one pictured here as it is falling apart -like my soul when i saw empty shelves in b&q the table i made will be temporary cos it doesn’t look good and hubby renamed it “pandemic table” photos to come 😂🤣⁣ ⁣ Ps – marking it as ad as i still have the @beliani_uk 10% code on all do i am going to mention it in case – code is PATI ⁣ ⁣ 🇵🇱 Hej, kochani lato wróciło ! Nawet pies się cieszy 😂 Wczoraj pojechałam po raz pierwszy do Angielskiej Castoramy – po drzewo żeby zrobić stolik aztecki – jeśli oglądaliście moje story to już wiecie, że półki puste.! Udało mi się kupić 2 deski nie to co chciałam więc stolik będzie prowizorką totalną i za rok zrobię takiego Azteka jakiego chciałam, będzie połowicznie bazowany na tym, co robiłam w zeszłym roku, a tymczasowy “ stolik pandemiczny” zastąpi ten który tu widać, bo mi się rozpada, tak więc “nie chcem, ale muszem zrobić nowy “ jak Mac giver będę ukręcać bat z ( wiecie czego).😅⁣ ⁣ ——————————⁣ #myhyggehome #myhyggegarden #tinygarden #citygarden #outdoorspace #gardenvibes #bohovibes #bohodecor #boholiving #apartmenttherapy #summervibes #bringtheinsideout #realhomes #homeandgarden #instagardeners #gardensofinstagram #howihome #houseandhome #decodwelling #eclecticallymade #eclecticdecor #eclecticallycool #bohotribex⁣ #thiscreativehome #bohemianhome #boholove #myeverydaymagic #myhousebeautiful #mybeliani #virtualgardenparty

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. . . .#faustusvonfluffypants #dtipetsonfurniture #mycb2

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This sweet photo was sent in by Heather

My cat Charlie relaxing on the bed, Berlin, Germany
– Lisa

And some from me. Felix and Mimin chillin’ in the greenhouse with me, Felix relaxing on my bamboo lounge chair I found on Marketplace for $50, Frankie and Bernie enjoying their fav late afternoon spots in the living room while enjoying the air conditioning, and Felix napping in the greenhouse while I work.


Suzanne Melton says:

I’d enjoy Pets on Furniture if it were only you and your cats, Kim!

KiM says:

awwwwwww thanks Suzanne!

Dana Whitney says:

Damn! Really going to miss this! Maybe you can do an occasional one when you get enough photos…

KiM says:

For sure!

KiM says:

For sure! 🙂

Moyra says:

Oh MPOF is wonderful and I’m going to miss it lots. Thank you for all the pictures you have shown us Kim. It was an amazing idea and never disappointed.

KiM says:

I had alot of fun sharing those adorable pets all these years

Sarah says:

Damn damn!! Bugger. Thank you so much for pets on furniture Kim. The pictures always made me smile, chuckle, lol, or just say awwwwwwwwww xx

KiM says:

It was a great run for all those years XOXO

Sandra says:

Oh no, I love this, its makes a great start to me week 🙁
Sorry to see you go, but I am going to follow you and cats on instagram 🙂

KiM says:

Thanks Sandra XOXO

Patti says:

Missing you already! Instagram hides posts from me so I’ll have to make a point of replying to your comments so I can keep up the cat stalking, um, I mean following.

KiM says:


axie says:

I have to agree with everyone else, the pets were my Monday enlightenment to start the week- so sad to see it go, I loved each one!

I can totally understand, Kim- besides having your ‘real lives’, the research and posting you guys do here must be very time consuming, I hope you know how appreciated you are for it. In these strange times, I have hardly enough time to comment, (but always find bits of time to read the posts) so I can certainly imagine the precious time you both spend posting for our enjoyment. Thanks so so much!

Erin says:

Thanks for including Pierre in the grand finale. Fingers crossed for the return even if it becomes a quarterly thing !!

KiM says:

You’re welcome Erin! Pierre the stud muffin deserved a spot in the last official post.

Sarah says:

So good to see Pierre in the ultimate pets on furniture, along with Billie xx We shall continue mpof as an underground cult!! 😉

Anna Langerak says:

Ohhhh! I am incredibly disappointed that you are ending this lovely feature.
On a personal note, I have been looking through my photos for a final entry of my wonderful Mr Biggles. It has been difficult as his last days were not documented much. Between needles, syringes. clean ups, I did not seem to take photos. I knew him for eighteen and a half years and hoped he would live longer. Making the decision to euthanize was incredibly difficult. I intended to send a final photo when I found the right one…
Mr Biggles was my cat friend and snuggle buddy. He taught me a lot, including how to become a more responsible owner of a pet. Forever grateful…
‘Pets on furniture’ reflected the reality that we share our homes and that is what makes a house or an apartment a home.

KiM says:

Sorry for your loss Anna. When you find a proper photo of Mr Biggles I’ll do a MPOF post in his honour.

bobbi says:

My Stefy was featured many years ago when blogs were still THE thing. I’m gonna miss this so much. I can’t get over how a lot of the blogs I used to follow have been abandoned and substituted by Instagram, and I am so glad yours still gets updated. People should go back to blogs!! Keep going, girls!

KiM says:

Thanks bobbi! Blogs are sadly becoming a thing of the past. We’re struggling to keep our afloat. Not much money to be made in advertising anymore.

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