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I was scoping out the portfolio of architecture and interior design firm West Chin the other day to see if there were more photos I could showcase here that Jo hadn't already done in her post back in June. I came across a swanky pad that I thought was worthy of it's own post. This flat is modern but not too harsh, with funky bits here and there (including a couple sets of boobs and a pair of diaper chairs), and even some cute spaces for the kids (the parents must lock them in their rooms for fear of dirty hands on the furniture). FAB!



Unexpected modern

This 18th century home in Paris is quite unexpectedly filled with modern and mid-century furnishings and funky art installations. I love the eclectic mix inside and the juxtaposition to the exterior (which I had to include a photo of as it makes me somewhat claustrophobic).

Via AT Casa


Funky home in Germany

Artist, designer and art director Mike Meiré lives in a funky, creative home in Cologne, Germany with his wife and 3 kids. It's a very eclectic and quirky home that is clearly a source of inspiration for the homeowner. I reeeeeeally love the kitchen - consisting only of some shelves, a huge island and some dressers.

Photos via AT Casa

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