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Mill Valley dreaming

Blogging about incredible design is a hazardous pursuit. I kid you not. Hazardous to your peace of mind. How can I erase from my mind's eye the wondrous sight of these cabins settled within a glorious garden on the slopes of Mill Valley, California? I can't. I'll spend the day dreaming about how and why and when and what I'd do if they were mine and I'll fall asleep with that roof garden slowly intruding my nocturnal revelries. Mill Valley Cabins, home to an artist and a gardener/yoga enthusiast by San Francisco based Feldman Architects.

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Brighton Bunker

This is what Australians would call the perfect inner city backyard. May not be big but it's packed full of family fun and guaranteed to bring out the green eyed monster in your friends. Outdoor kitchen, fireplace, AV hub to watch the cricket and portable lounge. Spa, lap pool and a plywood clad bunker with lounges, planter and recessed bar fridge for the wine and beer. There's a powder room hiding round the back and even room for the trampoline. Bring on summer! By Melbourne-based Dan Gayfer Design.

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Inside Outside House

"(THID) have always wondered why people need to have a holiday house... why can't everyday at home be a holiday? For a couple's home in Richmond, we were inspired by the simple pleasures in life."

So that's what Melbourne-based THID did, created a fun family home where inside and out meld.

P.S. The outdoor table base is a hydraulic lift. Coffee table to dining table, easy!

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In my dreams

I'll be here this weekend. Just sitting. Doing nothing. In my dreams. Glover Street, Sag Harbor by Steven Gambrel.


Main Street House

This simple and modern structure is my ideal new-build home (minus all the corrugated steel on the exterior - I am not a fan of that stuff). Concrete floors so cats can run amok as they do and I won't have to scream, pale wood and white walls as a lovely backdrop for furnishings and art while not losing focus of the architecture, some exposed beamed ceilings, an abundance of large windows, and a streamlined outdoor space. Another successful project in Seattle by SHED Architecture & Design. (Check out past features here and here)

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