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Bridging Boyd

Jolson's renovation and reinterpretation of Robin Boyd's 1954 Richardson House is a triumph. The original house was literally built as a bridge to resolve site difficulties by spanning a dry creek bed that ran through the lot. The Melbourne-based studio's additions address the iconic shape, extrapolating Boyd's exploration of geometry with circles and tangents. The new glances the old, meets, embraces, pulls away all the time celebrating the interplay of house and landscape.

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Robinson + Grisaru Architecture PC

Can I PLEASE have a little pond with an overhanging deck? PLEASE?! I am a bit distracted by these fist 2 photos because this setup is something I swear I have dreamt about my entire life. Maybe one day. Brooklyn based Robinson + Grisaru Architecture PC are my new heroes for coming up with this little oasis above, and all of these other fantastic spaces. Some spectacular kitchens of theirs are coming up so stay tuned. 

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Rooftop oasis

Having a home in the city AND a great outdoor space is pretty much the ideal situation IMHO. This rooftop oasis by Dekar Design is the perfect getaway to enjoy summer weather, drinks and friends. 



A neutral palette of materials. Silver stained blackbutt timber, grey cement render, dark grey steel, oak ceilings and floors and a garden with silvery tones. Links Courtyard House. Beautiful restraint by Inarc Architects.


Up on the roof

Climb the stairs to the roof of this early 20th century Arts and Crafts style building and you'll find a surprise. A contemporary pavilion surrounded by an inner city oasis of green and stunning views. Darlinghurst, Sydney Rooftop by CO-AP.

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