Sills Huniford

Posted on Fri, 1 Jun 2007 by KiM

Sills Huniford Associates is based in New York, and strives to create modern interiors using furniture from many eras. I am adoringly drawn to the oversized artwork used throughout their designs, particularly the simple black circle on white (I am trying to figure out where I can replicate this in my home), and the framed chalkboard (unless it’s an art piece, then imagine it as a chalkboard – the versatility of it).

becky says:

I am totally obsessed w/ yellow right now, and I love the way it is used in these images!


Love the use of artwork in these rooms especially the sculptural elements. Oh to have that much room!

orangered says:

arrgh, perfect, lilting elegance!
Yum!! and i’ve always wanted to do a dining room in raspeberry and yellow, seriously…yes, slap me, but as light toned spaces go with a certain gracious substance go, this is gorgeous, love!

Anonymous says:

Sills and Ford are truly talented designers. In their book, “Dwellings– Living with Great Style,” they explain how their clients art collections inspire a room’s design and decor and not the other way around. If you don’t have the deep pockets of thier clients, try collecting the work of student artist or immerging artist, or be brave and paint yourself! By the way, the chalkboard like painting (he used oil paint and crayons/oil pastels and not chalk)is by artist Cy Twombly, and the large black circle print is most likely by Richard Serra.

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