Really REALLY dark walls

Posted on Thu, 22 Feb 2007 by KiM

I would love to paint a room black. I love drama. A black room (or a really dark brown) is all about drama. Not too many people are willing to go so far as to paint a room this dark. Well, now you can live vicariously through these photos.

Jaime says:

it takes a huge pair of brass ones to paint a room black. gorgeous!
i’m too much of a wimp :Phtt

Phoebe says:

LOVE!! love the taylor howes one– as a way to make the bed pop. hot.

Nicole says:

Ohh, thanks for posting these! I hope my chocolate brown room turns out half as well as any of those rooms.

kim. says:

From what I’ve seen so far Nicole, you’re well on your way!

i wish i could paint my room a deep dark charcoal.

kim. says:

candid cool – I’m thinking of charcoal for my bathroom…not sure if I’ll end up doing something that dark but we’ll see!


I’ve been toying the idea of painting my wall navy blue… but I’m sure my husband would have a big NO written on his face. 🙂

Anonymous says:

an inspiring collection! and your whole site is just amazing.
there is an amazing loft reno done by “the apartment”, all black, like an opium den. it’s in the ‘case studies’ section of their website: you’d like their work!

kim. says:

Thanks for the link anon! I’ve been on that site before but I guess I was looking in the wrong places. Great for future posts!!!

Anonymous says:

I want to paint my bedroom walls a dark teal, and paint the bookcases the same, to make them look like built-ind. Do I paint walls- eggshell, furniture-gloss?

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