Does she still live here? Did she ever? Do we care?

Posted on Sat, 17 Mar 2007 by midcenturyjo

Ah Paris Hilton poor little rich girl. Most of you have probably seen this before but I want to know does she still live here? Has it been refurbed since? Pink, blonde, frilly, frivolous, expensive and at times classy. And that’s her villa. Paris is another story.

All images from HELLO!.

Chaylene says:

Money may not buy class, but it sure did buy her a bunch of cool shit!

I am LOVING the phallic hanging chandelier by the stairs.

kim. says:

You’re right pink – her decorator should perhaps dress her too. I bet if you stand directly under the phallic chandelier it looks like a gigantic boob.

Good morning everyone! I hate the time difference. I never get to join in the conversations as they happen. 14 hours difference between east coast Australia and east coast America. I don’t know who designed her pad. The Hello! magazine is long gone but the scans remain. It was featured in Elle Decor several years back but of course my copy was amongst the 60 Elle Decors I lent to a client who promptly through them out when she finished with them. “I thought you didn’t want them anymore. They were out of date anyway.” AAAAAARRRRRGGGGHHHHH!!!!!!! Let us know if you know who designed this (which means you still have the mag unlike me) P.S. No one has mentioned the gated dog room yet.

kim. says:

Oh for CRISSAKES that’s a friggin DOG ROOM??? Oh COME ON!!! P.S. Good morning Jo! I hope you learned a little lesson here – DON’T LEND YOUR SHIT TO PEOPLE!!!!! 😉

jaime says:

i kinda like it. i’m also kinda ashamed that i kinda like it…

decor8 says:

I totally need those “H” gates. 🙂

Anna says:

I love her bedroom – sorry I’m a bit late in commenting! I’ve just been taking a little break from being an internet/blog junkie!! I would love a bed like that!! Gorgeous!

Anonymous says:

Are those H gates iron with glass? Otherwise how is the H misteriously suspended in there?
I really dislike those cushions that scream ‘oh, I’m from Fendi, so therefore I am expensive and might show people I have taste’ which just look awful. Also, who has a chandelier in their walk-in wardrobe?
This house is so nouveau riche it is shameful.
Aside from the one self-glorifying pic of herself and the photo on the bedside table, there is nothing personal about this house. It may as well have come out of a shop show-room.

kim. says:

I agree with ya anon….She probably stayed in this apartment once. Maybe she never did and just got a decorator to do it up so she could have it in design mags.

jenny says:

yes, WOW! i’ve never thought “classy” and paris hilton at once, until today! i think it’s gorgeous.

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