Andy Goldsborough Interior Design

Posted on Mon, 19 Mar 2007 by midcenturyjo

Ornate details, flourishes of colour, pure functional use of space. Andy Goldsborough fuses traditional decorative elements with the clean lines of minimalism.

kim. says:

Wow – this guy is good! Love the hot pink couches, OMG windows in 3rd pic and the always beautiful Tord Boontje blossom light.

susan says:

I am newly inspired to paint my interiors white, with the obligatory flourishes of color! It all just looks so fresh and clean.

theresa says:

Hi – I love your blog! do you guys have any ideas on how to break up open spaces inexpensively? I recently bought a house, and the living room, dining room, and kitchen are one big l-shaped room with very little to separate them..especially because the same flooring is used throughout. The kitchen is very big, but with nothing in the middle. An island would be ideal, but expensive…and I think carpet in the kitchen would be weird, but i need something to break up the giant expanse of tile. any ideas? or any pictures that might inspire?

kim. says:

Hi Theresa…I REALLY wish I had your problem. Here's my $.02. You can find inexpensive but cool looking islands at Ikea. Would definitively help break up the kitchen. A rug for the living room would be a huge help and one under your dining table. I wouldn't do much more than that, except if you want more separation for your living room I would suggest doing something with open storage ie. expedit Ikea bookcase along these lines. Even a large plant I find helps to break up a space (I do this to separate my living/dining room). I'll see if I have more photos in my files that may give you ideas.

love it, its an absolute dream!
very clean lines of course.Jennifer Ramos

I love the framed holographs. Imagine doing this with pieses of similar gift wrap cut to fit in a discount store frame painted white. Also the lighting behind the transluscent cupboard doors.

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