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Posted on Mon, 19 Mar 2007 by KiM

Jennifer Post‘s style of modern simplicity/classical minimalism has won her a spot in Architectural Digest world’s top 100 designers and architects list. She has quite a list of clients to her name, such as Jennifer Lopez, Simon Cowell, and Matt Lauer. Her timeless designs are stunning in photographs.

This is so bright and light and crisp. Love that orange artwork, the crisp white table and chairs but I’d feel like I was on display in a zoo in that bedroom!!! Glass wall is amazing though.

Rachel says:

interesting choice of words, “Her timeless designs are stunning in photographs”… Maybe not too livable, tho? studies have shown that too much bright white can cause fatigue and eye strain. its always interesting to me how the beautifully-designed spaces don’t look like anyone lives there. any sign of people has been virtually erased.

You guys are amazing! Jennifer Post is one of my favorite designers ever. The image of the house with glass, is part of a stunning small apartment she did in Manhattan, which also featured a trough of pebbles around the wall, which I am the first to say, sounds stupid, but somehow she made it a stroke of genius.
I see the point about too much white etc, and I could never live like that (or for tha matter design like that), but I apprecaite the skill and beauty of it. Just as an aside, she was hired by Jennifer Lopez, after I left the project 🙂

WOW! Everything is perfect, like in my dreams! Gorgeous!!

J Lee says:

i personally could never live in a space like this but i do respect and can admire great minimalist design. the clean lines, attention to the smallest of details and flow in a space is admirable.

she does some great work.

jaime says:

WOW totally awesome.

Anonymous says:

No offence but I thought there’s nothing special about the rooms. Yes, it’s simple but nothing to shout about.

Anonymous says:

The orange painting in the first image is a Mark Rothko. From the 50’s I believe.

Its nice – Museum quality. The color looks good for its age, sometimes they start to turn black.


tdk says:

This is a second home for the couple – their primary residence is in VA. This is just their pied a terre. That’s why they can live with no possessions.

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