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Posted on Tue, 3 Apr 2007 by midcenturyjo


Escape from the hassles of the outside world. Retreat, cocoon. Are you a glitzy glam type, zen and serene or you own personal style? The bedroom is my favourite room of all.

Maarten Baas

Posted on Mon, 2 Apr 2007 by KiM

Dutch designer Maarten Baas has quite the imagination. I was totally blown away when I saw his work. He is so talented and creative that Moooi adopted his Smoke designs and his furniture has been bought by museums and collectors such as Philippe Starck. Did I mention he is only 29 years old?

Burned pieces of furniture, preserved with clear epoxy.

CLAY FURNITURE: Industrial clay, hand-modeled on top of metal ‘skeletons’, surface painted with colored lacquer.

All kinds of products became a bookshelf, coated in P.U. coating.