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Posted on Thu, 14 Jun 2007 by KiM

I came home from a boring day at work to find an email from Greg Natale, our fav designer, in my inbox. Here’s what he had to say to go along with the totally breath-taking photos he included.
“This is one of my favorite projects. This house was designed for a couple with 4 children. Each room is themed a different colour and Florence Broadhurst pattern to reflect its use or user. We wanted this house to be full of personality. We mixed organic and geometric print with modern, retro and repro furniture to produce a result that is an interesting mix of opposites.”
OMG!!! Greg – these rooms are utterly fabulous. The patterns, the colours… you are a genius. (And keep the photos coming!!!!)

Amanda says:

OMG when can I move in?

I hope they have a spare room because I’m moving in!

kim. says:

There seems to be at least 4 bedrooms – so there’s room for me too!!!

Jessie says:

The living room with the red carpet is my favorite. I love the color he put together. 🙂

casapinka says:

I somehow missed this post. I bet Florence is dancing in her grave. Love how the papred pendant lights contrast with the wallpaper. What a neat idea.

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