My love for teak credenzas

Posted on Thu, 14 Jun 2007 by KiM

I absolutely adore teak credenzas (or credenzas that are made of teak-like wood). I have one in my living room (see photo above), a small one in my front hall and a teak-laminate dresser in my library. My parents have 2 and a dining set they are soon wanting to get rid off…now where can I fit…. Anyway, I found some photos of teak and teakish (or at least retro style) credenzas for your viewing pleasure.

Jennifer says:

I’m all wrapped up in a teak jealousy fit over here! Here in San Francisco those credenzas cost a bazillion dollars.
P.S. I really like your blog. Even though it does inspire fits of envy!

kim. says:

Thanks alot Greg (for making me blush) – means alot coming from a fab designer. Drey – how about sending us a pic of it! Krista thanks for commenting and I hope you get granny’s stereo. Peggy – you go girl! Jennifer – thanks!…and I’m kind of glad I left out the fact that I only paid $300 for my 6′ long credenza. 😉

Jessie says:

I hope you get the dining room set!!!

Jennifer says:

$300!! No seriously. Here it would have been at least $1000. I kid you not.

kim. says:

Well, here it depends where you go. I know a place where mine would have easily sold for $1000. But then there’s my fav retro store that sells them that size for around $300. So it pays to do your research here. Or just go to granny’s house and get it for free – where alot of my stuff came from.

julia says:

…and mine!!!

kim. says:

Yes, dear twin sister, you scored from nonna’s house too. She’d be proud we kept alot of her cool furniture.

eric says:

i love the credenza from ruby. i’ve found a lot of these over the years, but none in very good condition, so i always pass them up. i’m desperately holding out for a nice one…that is not laminate.

kim. says:

eric – you’d go nuts in the retro store where I got mine. all for really good prices, all solid teak and I’d be surprised to find a scratch on them.

LauraB says:

Oh you’ve chosen such great images. I have a teak credenza thing too! I’d love to have somethign similar to the Mondo Trasho one as a dresser. Thanks for the ideas.

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