Drake Design Associates

Posted on Fri, 29 Jun 2007 by KiM

Jamie Drake is a genius with colour. His portfolio is brilliant, and this Fifth Avenue loft really stood out. “Surprise and movement – that’s what I like. Colors both ground and animate this space, whether washing in yellow or popping with pink. High gloss lacquer, antique mirror and rich silk velvets and shantungs polish up the eclectic mix of furnishings.”

Amanda says:

I am so in love!! I love how much movement there is in the rooms.

Jessie says:

WOW! I love the living room! Great colors.

Wes says:

I havent seen,from what i can tell, the bath. I would like even more if it was all in one palette, say blues or greens.

susan says:

Oh, he is so adorable, I met him at KBIS, he designed the sub zero booth, and I did a post on a picture I took of him near his display. Think hanging glasses from the ceiling and peacock blue everywhere. It was a real fantasy booth. Great post on his work, it’s stunning.

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