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Posted on Sun, 29 Jul 2007 by midcenturyjo

I’m supposed to be drafting posts for this week but I’m spending my afternoon recovering my dining room chairs. All six of them. They’re part of a dining set made in Brisbane by Danish immigrant Hans Larsen who made furniture to Danish designs using Australian rainforest timbers during the 60s. These chairs are blackbean not teak. I love them so much but felt I needed a change from their black leather seats. So I recovered them with….. a table cloth. Don’t worry their original covers are still underneath. Only 5 more to go! Oh and a weeks worth of posts still to do. P.S The pots are West German floor vases, another collecting vice I have.

kim. says:

I’m jealous….of the chair(s), the fabric AND the pottery. Looks fantastic!!!!

eric says:

jo, dear, that looks fabulous. where is the tablecloth from? the wood on those chairs looks absolutely incredible.

Thanks guys! My hands hurt from pulling them tight and I’m only up to number 4. Eric I got the fabric from one of those quaint suburban lifestyle stores that sell asian clothing, bright hammocks and silver jewellry. You know the type. I had been looking for ages and there it was. The best thing? It’s oilcloth so it can repel stains. The label says Craft Studio, Made in India, and the pattern I think is called Africa. The best thing is that it was 2.5m x1.5m (98″x60″)and only cost $59.95. 6 chairs and probably a couple of throw pillows.

Nice job on the chairs!! I like the print more than the black leather!

casapinka says:

The print with the wood on those chairs is perfect


clever you.

wow, such amazing fabric and such amazing colors!!!

becky says:

THree words:


You should have a store! You’d make a mint.

orangred says:

what a genius fabric find!

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