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Posted on Fri, 31 Aug 2007 by midcenturyjo

Time for another trip to the retro vault. This time a look at wall coverings and window treatments. Images scanned from The Practical Encyclopedia of Good Decorating and Home Improvement, Vol 17, Greystone Pres, 1971.

kim. says:

I totally dig the wallpaper and the couches in the first photo – and the second last one. The rest are EH.

It’s amazing how fresh these prints still are! Great post…have a great weekend!


kim. says:

I adore old retro fabrics. Have a great weekend too Kate!

Anonymous says:

Wow, these pictures are just wild!

Pic #3: I like the wooden chairs. What would they be called?

Pic #4: I wished my grandma had a living room as colourful as depicted in this photo, instead of this drab, mundane, colourless room that she had.

Pic #5: What is the name or type of the bedding that is depicted in this photo? It’s like they have a raised flocking.

Pic #7: Love, love, love the wallpaper. Where in the world can I find a roll of this wallpaper? I even have a squishy cylinder pillow with this pattern on it.

I also like the door/window with the tree decal on it. Or is it a plant in a planter in front of this “shoji-like” framed part of the wall?

The white furniture is also nastingly fantastic!

Do share more retro pictures! 😀

Not sure of the chairs, a cross between Paul Evans and Edward Wormley. Isn't that bedspread a scream! In the book it looks more like just a quilted print but I'm so into lime green at the moment I'd kill for one just like it. Not sure where you could get the black and white wallpaper these days. My favourite sources of retro wallpaper are U-Turn, Wallpaper from the 70s. And you're right that's a real tree in front of a shoji screen. I promise lots more retro pics!!!!!

Turquoise says:

I flippin luv these photos!
A blast from the past!

Anonymous says:

MCjo, thanks for sharing the links.

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