Paul Costello update

Posted on Sat, 22 Sep 2007 by midcenturyjo

We’ve featured Paul Costello before. Unable to sleep because of an aching back from upholstering chairs I stopped by his site and was in for a pleasant surprise, an updated portfolio. I love Paul’s work. There is a spark in every one of his photos. Rooms come to life captured through his lens. Of course he is responsible for some of the most popular interior photos of recent times. Just look at the first one here. Who hasn’t got that one in their style tray? So if you’re looking for some eye candy this weekend drop by his website and enjoy all the inspiring new images.

kim. says:

That living room to the right of the dog photo (from Domino) is one of my favourite rooms of all time. *sigh*

Sol says:

WOW, just… WOW.

I have added Desire to Inspire on my Links so many more will be inspired and desire to inspire as well.

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