Bedroom to die for

Posted on Thu, 27 Sep 2007 by KiM

So I have just come across what is now one of my favourite bedrooms EVER. Erin Loechner of design for mankind left a link to pics of her bedroom on one of my recent posts and I was blown away. Black and white done to perfection. And then she had to go and stick her totally adorable dog in one of the photos. So of course I had to post it. Amazingly enough, she was debating whether to post photos of her home. (???!!!) Erin, if your bedroom looks this good PUHLEEEEEASE post photos of the rest of your home!!!

drey says:

wow what a gorgeous way to achieve a beautiful home without spending big bucks (like most of the other pictures on this blog and mine too!!! :P)

fantastic work! i love the black and white plates behind your bed. what a statement and a bedhead!

Renegade says:

That is one cool bedroom! Great design!

Pete from Indianapolis says:

I’ve known Erin for quite some time- after seeing these pictures she’s now one of my favorite decorators in addition to being one of my favorite people. She embodies class.

Lovely bedroom Erin and great blog! Can’t wait to see more of your home.

Hey guys just to let you know that the comment deleted was a spam advertising comment for taking surveys. We welcome all comments pro and con but can’t stand spam, the spiced ham or the unsolicited crap 🙂


Goegeousness. And yes please…. more pictures!! 🙂

I have my reservations when it comes to black and white in the bedroom. But this is great!

Kellie says:

This is so beautiful. I love black and white- it’s so classic.

I’d love to see more pictures, too!

msdeem9 says:

Alright! I’m inspired! Thanks for all your hard work…I’ll be back when I need to refresh!

Anonymous says:

I love these black and white plates! I’ve been looking for ones exactly like these to do something similar on my bedroom wall but haven’t been able to find any I like. Can you tell me where you found these and/or where I should look? I’ve been everywhere!


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