Jo and Kim together at last!

Posted on Fri, 28 Sep 2007 by midcenturyjo

Here we are together at last…… and this is where we’ll be from October 1 for the week. Yes we’re guest blogging on design*sponge! How exciting!!!! But don’t worry we’re gluttons for punishment. We’ll still be posting here for the week so it’ll be a double dose of desire to inspire. ( As Kim and I have never met I thought I’d draw us together. It’ll be a while before we can get together for a photograph!)

P.S. Kim’s the one with the short hair.

Florence says:

I love your site, always full of inspiration, nice design, wonderfull decoration… thank you very much for offering that blog to us !

kim. says:

Awww, what sweet comments!!!

(Just to clarify, I do not have a huge zit on my nose – it’s a nose ring)

Thanks everyone for your kind words. Just to set the record straight I’m the one on the left and I’ve been very generous with my looks 😛

drey says:

hehehe i wondered who had the short hair!!!! thanks kim for clarifying your nose ring 🙂

such a great drawing!

susan says:

Good for you!! I’ll be sure to check in daily for a double dose of inspiration. Love the sketch. 🙂

kimslilsis says:

wow jo….that looks so much like her…you are very talented!

Anonymous says:

hate d*s

That’s a shame anonymous. I wonder why you bother to come here then. Guess you won’t be coming back here because we love d*s and really dislike your negativity. Bye bye!!

Anonymous says:

Congratuations on the guest blogg, this is only the beginning, you 2 truely inspire me everytime I get Desire to Inspire and you know no one has ever seen Samidole apartment, you are the first to publish it!
Greg Natale

Peggy says:

Too cute! Love it! I’d like to buy a postcard of it. Maybe you should put this pic in your banner. Jo, you are so talented. Kim – I like that you use it as your flickr buddy.

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