Metallic paint frenzy

Posted on Fri, 28 Sep 2007 by KiM

I received an email the other day from Romesh Naik, who introduced me to the interior design work of Marcel Prins. Marcel’s photos on Flickr are very intriguing. The following are of a house in Munich with walls covered in 24 beautiful colours of metallic paint.

Love the effect. Very deco. I think the photos were taken before the pictures were hung to see the full effect of the paint. The hallway has hanging pictures.

jaime says:

love this place!

180/360 says:

That looks so cool! I’ll have to check out that designer.

drey says:

i actually REALLY like it. it has enough art appeal that it doens’t actually require much added art if one were not into art per se. man, i so need to get out of my rental situation. good find, kim!!!!

Cher Ami says:

that is such an amazing idea, I especially love the blue

orangred says:

one of the most exquisite things i’ve seen
(thank you!)

Peggy says:

omigosh – just when I thought I had decided on a blue wall in my living room. Beautiful.

Anonymous says:

… seen recently that is: time to research metallic paints beyond Ralph Lauren’s
(the spray paint i’ve used on chair frames ain’t cuttin it!)

orangred says:

oops that was me….
so has anyone had good luck/skill with tape:
when i’ve tried making clean borders, when the paint hasn’t bled under the tape, the tape has peeled off the white under color, even with the recommended kind of tape, so priming, or a solid under/border white paint is needed.

Suzanne/jamaica says:

This is inspiring…I am about to try this technique on an accent wall in my bedroom. I’ll let you know how it turns out.

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