Retro time!

Posted on Mon, 1 Oct 2007 by midcenturyjo

No retro revolting this week. Oh no! These images are scanned from a very scholarly tome, Inside Today’s Home 3rd Edition, by Ray and Sarah Faulkner, Holt Reinhardt and Winston,1968. These classic 60s interiors are the creations and homes of leading architects and interior designers of the time. Lovely and no purple shagpile or mustard patterned wallpaper in sight. (I miss the OTT rooms though. They’re my favourites.)

kim. says:

Lovely photos until you get to the fab Saarinen dining set set atop atrocious beige shag-like carpeting. WHy did they ruin rooms back then with carpeting? WHY? The lamp in that photo is awesome.

modmom says:

did you see your blog is on the blogger homepage!!!!!!
congratulations “blog of note” 🙂

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