Jo’s place and the long boozy lunch

Posted on Sat, 20 Oct 2007 by midcenturyjo

I am so excited. My Grant Featherston Numero chairs came back from the upholsterer. They are so retro fabulous in their houndstooth check that I could squeal. The union jack pillow you can find out about here. The busroll pillow is one of my own. The two Florence Broadhurst fabrics are for lampshades and a roman blind. OK, OK I had every intention of styling my office today and taking lots of photos but 2 of my girlfriends and their darling but dynamite daughters decided to come to lunch. So instead of hanging art and covering lampshades I helped demolish a couple of bottles of riesling over chicken caesar salad and fruit salad and meringues (lazy pavlova). Lovely afternoon but no work on the office. No batteries for the camera either as 3 year old decided that she wanted to take our portraits or rather photos of our knees and elbows. I promise I will try to take photos of the almost finished office next week.

On another front my etsy store is almost ready to go. Any day now. I’ll being posting when it’s ready to open its doors. Hope you all drop by!

Anonymous says:

Can I just ask… when you say “one of your own” do you mean you made it out of an actual vintage bus roll from an old Sydney bus? Because if it’s fabric, I’d kill to know where it’s from.

Oh and congrats on being named in the Top 10 of the Design Blog poll 🙂

Yes I made it out of an old Sydney bus roll or rather the left overs from when I stretched them over canvases and use to sell them a few years back. Hard to find the fabric rolls these days and for a good price. Wouldn’t it be cool if someone did make a justified large type black and white fabric like the old rolls.

kim. says:

Jo, your chairs look INCREDIBLE in that fabric. Can’t believe you found those so cheap. B*TCH!!! And your art is FABULOUS. I can’t wait to get some more Jo originals! OPEN THAT DAMN STORE ALREADY!!! 😉 (Oh ya, and thanks for inviting me to lunch.)

designdna says:

i love the artwork with the woman. i see it in my future!

Jessie says:

Oh how I would love to have a HOUNDSTOOTH couch. Good thing Kim & I live way far away from you,…we would probably rob your house. lol 😉

I can’t wait to see your stuff in the store. Its going to do great!!!

On my blog I mentioned Kim & you being one of the top 10 blogs!!! 🙂

Jacinta says:

I have seen numero chairs in their original fabric before but never recovered. Cool!!! Any retro style prints going in your shop?

bkhdesign says:

I really love the black and white

Anonymous says:

would you mind if i asked how much it cost to cover your suite?

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