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Posted on Mon, 22 Oct 2007 by KiM

It appears Jo and I are embarking on some pretty big ventures at the moment and I wanted to take the time for a little shameless plug for each of us. Let’s start with me, since I have a wee bit more at stake. My house is up for sale, and I’m really proud of ALL the work we’ve put into this place. But it’s time for me to move on. So if anyone out there is looking for a townhouse renovated and decorated by yours truly in Ottawa (Kanata actually)…

Jo has recently opened her Etsy store and it’s stocked of some of the most amazing artwork. She is so freaking talented. And I am so fortunate to already own several of her pieces. I’m like a proud Mom. The first two are photos of ones I own, and the other two she has available in her shop, that I am also itching to own.

Peggy says:

Kim, I swear I feel like looking for a job in Ottawa. I love your home. It’s been so fun watching it evolve. I really love the backyard.

It will be fun to see your new place evolve too.

Jo – the etsy shop looks great. I’ve been wanting those doodles! I bet you won’t be able to keep up with all the orders you receive!

Congrats to you both! I’m sure your lovely house will be snapped up by some stylish doyenne. Love those doodles on Etsy!

Oh… I love you gals. Jo– you know how much I love your prints already, so this one’s for Kim.

HELLO?! YOUR TOWNHOUSE IS TO DIE FOR. Soooo lovely, and your color palettes are just PERFECT. Soothing, but stimulating in the right areas… and I LOVE your chocolate brown bathroom.

Now I’ll just have to beg the husband to make the move from LA to Ottowa so I can buy a KimHouse!

Sandra says:

My, my, what a gift you both have!!!
Kim- The designer’s eye…
You need to start *flipping* houses!!! BIG TIME!! That is your calling… buy and then reno and deco to your heart’s content!
What a gorgeous home! There is no doubt it will sell fast, and you will surely get what you are asking for!
Jo- The artist’s eye…
Beautiful work! Certainly your art will be coveted by many!

kim. says:

Thanks so much for the votes of confidence everyone!! I’m blushing.

Yes the housing market is so bad here in las vegas and in many parts of the country. Its too bad, now i own 2 homes…..and want to get rid of the one i dont live in! OH WELL, chin up im sure it will change someday.
good luck with yours!

Jessie says:

sorry I didn’t see this post sooner! I heart you guys! You both inspire me. 🙂 I will too have Jo’s art hanging somewhere in my house someday. Great post!! I can’t wait to keep seeing more stuff from both of you.

kim. says:

Jessie, no worries, and the feeling is mutual because your house renos are inspiring. And if I may say so, Jo’s art would look great in your house. 🙂

Anonymous says:

Hi Kim
Your house is hot, cant wait to see the enxt one.
Greg Natale

kim. says:

That’s such a compliment coming from you Greg. Thank you! (Now I’m REALLY blushing)

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