The dark side

Posted on Mon, 12 Nov 2007 by midcenturyjo

There is something about a dark room. I don’t mean that the light switch is off. These rooms are mysterious, cozy, snug, cool and cave like but they are also chic, elegant and unexpected. Be brave. Turn to the dark side.

Hallie Burton Laura Resen
Paul Whicheloe Roger Davies
Eve Robinson David Hicks
De Lisle, Philpotts & Staub Nicholas Haslam
Barclay Fryery Justin Bernhaut

kim. says:

I LOVE a black room, and wish I had the guts to paint a room black. Actually, I just wish I had a room that black paint would work in. LOVE the Barclay Fryery photo.

Jessie says:

I am going to try to talk one of my clients into letting me paint a room black in their home. We’ll see. *fingers crossed* great post. (I want that LOVE mirror!)

JHAYNE says:

love the black stripe down the white dresser. great inspiration to redo a thrift store find!

AHH, that blue in the Paul Whicheloe photos is UNREAL!! Wow.

that brown room is incredible. i love the dark trim.

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