Are those dogs or shag pillows?

Posted on Mon, 12 Nov 2007 by KiM

Thank you Tammy for sending in this photo of your Pulis. As Tammy says: “Two pulis are better than one, especially on an orange couch”. I couldn’t agree more.

Anonymous says:

Wow, are they real? I love that couch.

LOL! I love pulis. Now if you could get them to evenly walk over the floor they could be mops as well.

wow…they would definitely take care of my cat-hair-everywherer situation.

sweepaway boys!

Heather says:

Cute dogs, but can they see?

jaime says:

those are one of my fave dogs!!

katiedid says:

These dogs are works of art! Great photo!

court. says:

the guy on the left is the best.

Anonymous says:

my word!

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