Posted on Sat, 17 Nov 2007 by midcenturyjo

An interesting object is the door. Practical and symbolic. Entry and exit. External, internal, barrier and welcoming. Private and public, open and shut but always a rite of passage. Today I asked my husband to leave. Doors.

Tria Giovan Mel Yates
Michael Mundy Alexandra Rowley
Steven Randazzo Thomas Loof
bodron+fruit David Hicks
Aidlin Darling Meg Braff
Annie Schlecter Aimee Herring

Peggy says:

Jo, I reread what I thought was metaphoric several times. I wish you and Kim much love and happiness. You’ve become such an important part of my day.

You will find that making that decision is one of the greatest gifts could ever have given yourself. It means that you are aware of your value.So many people go through their lives without recognising that. You may be tempted to change your mind over the time ahead but know that you deserve only the best and in relationship where your “value” is recognised through love, affection, support and respect the thought that you are being undervalued barely crosses your mind. Be strong. beeeg hug

purple says:

Hope you are ok, I loved the images by the way!!

Cybelle says:

It really took me a few reads to get it too. I actually had to read comments to make sure it was for real.

I’ve been following your wonderful blog for a while now and you’ve become part of my days… I wish the best to both of you with all these life changing events.

Maybe after this is all behind you, you guys could meet up? Midway thru the world. I don’t know, India…??? lol or South America?

We feel the friendship between you too everyday on this blog, and it seems like a very strong and supportive friendship.

Cybelle xoxox

kim. says:

Thank you very much everyone for your thoughtful comments. Jo hasn’t been online in a while, which has me a bit concerned (and that’s our only form of communication). So this is a thanks on behalf of her as well, as I know she will be touched by your comments. I hope along with all of you that things will work out for her.

Thank you everyone for your kind words and thoughts. I’m normally a very private person and even writing this post is out of character for me. Thank you again. Things will be better.

Alex says:

Dear Jo,

I am joining in the crowd who had to re-read that comment a couple of times to make sure it was true. I wish you all the best through what I am sure is a tough time. I’ve always loved this blog, and have loved what I’ve glimpsed of you and Kim’s personalities through it, so I dearly do hope that all turns out for the best.

zee says:

All the best to you Jo. It can’t have been easy to do and it’s very courageous of you to share something so personal too. Thinking of you both x
PS: Lovely door inspiration too!

dean says:

space and time can make things better. i hope the space is freeing and the time is as long as it needs to be…know that you’re talented and positive and appreciated. hope things get easier soon.

Suzanne Melton says:

Geez, Jo, I've been reading Desire to Inspire backwards for almost two years and got to this post today.

I know you're still posting eight years after this post so I am going to assume that things worked out for the best.


P.S. You, too, Kim.

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