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Posted on Wed, 26 Dec 2007 by KiM

Jo thought it would be a great idea to post our 12 favourite rooms. She posted hers here, and didn’t follow the 12 rule, and I’m not one to follow rules either. Plus, I am feeling guilty for all the posting Jo did while I was moving. So for the next few days I thought I would post my favourite rooms organized by room type. This one features living rooms.

Kenneth Brown Paul Costello

Anonymous says:

These are all very decorating-magazine-y. What about some rooms of “civilians”–people who aren’t in the industry, who didn’t hire a decorator, but just made good choices on their own?

julia says:

I for one would like to thank Kim for putting together this post during the busy holiday season when most bloggers have closed up shop. These photos are all my favourites too!

Hi Anonymous. Thanks for your comment. You maybe at the wrong blog though. The main focus of desire to inspire is to feature rooms by designers and architects, stylists and magazines. We do occasionally feature readers' homes but we do not actively hunt for these but wait for people to share theirs with us. Kim also searches Flickr for inspiring "civilian" rooms.
We are a "magaziney" type blog. We do the hard work of trawling the internet for websites that showcase the best in interior design and associated disciplines and post these for our readers. Perhaps you would like a site like Normal Room which does a fabulous job showcasing just the type of rooms you are looking for. Of course if you want to share your house we'd love to post it!

I am completely in love with the aqua blue walls in the Domino pic.


cardboard says:

I see some antlers/horns in these pics. What do you guys think of the “antlers are out” theory? Methinks they will always be in (although moving in a faux direction is an improvement).

ps. Thankie for the holiday card! So sweet of you two.

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