Troy Campbell

Posted on Tue, 15 Jan 2008 by KiM

Troy Campbell is a photographer from Miami Beach who has a way with lighting. So vivid and bright, everything just pops. The fourth photo is my favourite – LOVE the velour couch!

Joy says:

photos as beautiful as these make me wish I was in them, or at least had access to the things in them… I love the dining room with the vintage white wooden chairs and the pink roses in that first photo… sigh.

Alkemie says:

wow! What a beautiful collection of photos. I especially love the living room with the black coffee table towards the bottom.

The first one made me smile but the second photo blew me away. Love Troy’s work and his use of light is amazing. That white bedroom is so crisp. P.S. Love the prints with the large white matts in the white frames. Great idea.

M&Co says:

Stunning interior photography! Thanks for showing. Your blog is so inspirational!

Anonymous says:

I have 5 hotels in Miami Beach and Troy has done photography for 3 of them to date. He is truly an artist and a lovely person to work with.

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