The mystery of Vincent Leroux

Posted on Wed, 16 Jan 2008 by midcenturyjo

When I was lingering in the photo galleries at Marie Claire Maison I saw that one of the photographers was Vincent Leroux. A quick google and I found Temps Machine a photographers’ collective. I love the colours in Vincent”s work as well as the way he composes his photographs. There is a mystery and a wonder in them. There’s also a mystery to the site as many of the pages reveal error messages but the photos are still gorgeous.

Images by Vincent Leroux via Temps Machine

oh yeah that’s a beautiful collection of shots!
i’ll take that boathouse bedroom thank you. actually, it might be a little noisy with the boats coming in and out. and also the smoke from the engines. okay i’ve changed my mind! but still love the shot.

kim. says:

I agree with PJB, that bottom photo is stunning! What an elegant little bedroom for a boathouse. Love his work!

Beautiful images. A number of these photos are of my friend Hugo Curlotti’s home in Marrakech.

purple says:

The first and the second image are from the SAS Royal Hotel in Copenhagen. The chairs ‘Egget’ and ‘Svanen’ was originally designed for this hotel exclusive in 1960. The room looks exactly the same today so if you go to Copenhagen don’t forget to visit.

I love that egg chair in that blue color. I recently saw it in the cafe of a Barcelona art museum – Caixa Forum. I’ve been looking for an interior shot of the Caixa Forum’s insanely elegant cafe.

i just had a look at vincent’s work on the website. i can’t get over the lighting in some of his shots, it is so unique, it has this wash over it, so soft.

If I had a bed like the one in the last shot, I would never leave it. I’d just stare at the water all day!
Thanks for all the inspiration.

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