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Posted on Wed, 23 Jan 2008 by midcenturyjo

I received an email from Kersti Ericsson of HZL by Henzel, a Swedish company that produces these stunning and unique rugs. HZL by Henzel is built upon a foundation of creativity and a desire to make rugs a key element of interior design. They call their handmade rugs bespoke tailoring for you floor. Around 40 percent of their rugs are made to order, mostly in collaboration with interior designers and architects, although special and wonderful requests from the general public include portraits and reproductions of children’s drawings. Definitely out of the ordinary, definitely gorgeous!

Images from HZL by Henzel

kim. says:

I came across this site a little while ago and had been meaning to post about their rugs. I’m glad they emailed because these are some of the most creative and beautiful rugs I’ve ever seen.

Liss says:

These are rugs?! Gorgeous!

Dolores says:

I am lookomg for a small lamop that sits on the floor and projects up to illuminate plants, picture, plants,l etc. this is for indoors. I saw one nd it was inconspicitious but did a great job illuminatiing, Can you help me locate one. Everyone seems to think I want a floor lamp. The lame is probably a foot tall or less. thanks.

Dolores says:

I am trying to find a pattern for the dress Michell Obama wore at the inaguration or someone who could make the dress. Any info would be apprectiated.

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