James Magni

Posted on Wed, 23 Jan 2008 by midcenturyjo

Luxury, elegance, global modernism, sexy and extremely expensive. These are words to describe the amazing work of architect and interior designer James Magni. Named one of Architectural Digest’s “Top 100” designers his work is sinuous, sophisticated and sleek marrying his wealthy clients’ art work with antiques and his own exquisitely crafted furniture. That spiral staircase makes my interior designer’s heart skip a beat. One can but dream.

Images from Magni Design

kim. says:

WOW – talk about luxurious spaces. Love the art in the 5th photo from the bottom, and that round tub is so cute!

Liss says:

Talk about luxury. And that painting in the third pic (the ruffled collared man!) is so over the top!


Dana says:

I love the art work on there wall with that warped shakespear’s collar. That is just great! I think they must have a good sense of humor because they seem to ply with scale, like that cereal bowl like bath tub. Fun!

Kati says:

I second dana – that collar really steals the scene!

jo-anne in vancouver says:

Stunning work – and that tub room is divine – I’d never leave it!!

tricia says:

i’ve got to ditto that circular bathtub, awesome! i love that it takes up the entire space. to me, it says, “if you’re coming over here, you best be getting in the tub.”

Wow, they all look amazing. I love the spiral staircase.

What glorious staircase !!! Just fabulous !!! Thanks !

wgal10000 says:

does anyone who’s painting is the ruffeled color man???

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