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Posted on Sat, 16 Feb 2008 by KiM

Peggy emailed us from Ikea to give us a preview of new items coming out in April. I had to post some photos because there is some great stuff on the way and I thought you all might want a peak. Despite the fact that I’m trying to weed out alot of Ikea from my house (it’s only because I’ve recently gone on a vintage binge and can’t stop myself), Ikea still rocks for basics and I’ll never stop getting excited when their catalogs are released.

jawcey says:

I want one of those eggy-shaped chairs!!! They’re great! And I love that flooring. Sweeeet. It’s a very good thing that I don’t own a car and live far from IKEA 🙂

Anonymous says:

holy crap. one of those yellow or black bees will be coming home with me.

There is a rude and ignorant “man” (he is definitely not a gentleman) who is spamming our site with rubbish about real estate in Costa Rica. We will continue to delete his comments and we have asked him to stop but he is now playing a game with us. Whenever we find his spam we will delete it and we will also let you know that his business is obviously less than ethical as displayed by his actions. So if you see spam here please ignore it. Do not click on it. Pay the losers no heed. Thanks 🙂

IKEA is great for textiles and homewares. Can’t fault it. I get upset when people bag their furniture. Everyone knows what it is and what it costs. For some people it’s a stop on the way to better pieces and for others it is their “good” stuff. Not all of us can afford $10000 sofas or even more a $5000 Tulip table. Sometimes the only scandinavian design we can get is IKEA. I say go for it. If I had to wait for the classic high end piece from a registered supplier then I’d still be waiting long after my death for a lot of the things I crave.

Did I say I love that fabric?!!

kim. says:

Thanks for telling off Mr. Spam Jo. 🙂 And OMG can I tell you how annoying it is that Ikea Ottawa hasn’t sold fabric in YEARS (and you can’t order it from the website)??? And I LOOOVE their fabric too!

love the new products but it turns out we won’t be getting them at ikea israel until summer 🙁 at least until then one will dream up some fun hacks and sewing projects!

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