News from my death bed

Posted on Sat, 16 Feb 2008 by midcenturyjo

OK so I’m sick right now (see pathetic excuse below) but it didn’t stop me from thrifting and painting during the week. It has however stopped me from finishing anything. The painting will have to wait till next weekend. The planter will be home to a fabulous fern (house plants are SO 70s) and that rattan child’s seat is actually one of a pair and is destined to be painted, cushions made and given to a good friend’s 3 year old daughter. A couple of thrones for some princesses to take tea in. I’ve managed to find a doll’s chair and a child’s chair. Now I just need to find the adult chair. Fingers crossed. I did find two other rattan chairs for the ridiculous price of $30 the pair but the delivery guy didn’t turn up today. They’ll have to wait till next week for photos. Bye all! I’m off to bed again.

kim. says:

I am so sorry you’re sick Jo! That’s never fun. Especially when you could be painting! Love LOVE the planter and OMG the chair…if only it were adult-size. And AS IF you found 2 rattan chairs for $30. Adter what I spent on mine, all I can say is…B*TCH!!! LOL. Anyway, stay in bed and get better.

Anonymous says:

Hi there
hope you get well soon.
I just found my way to your blog via sfgirlbybay.
Sigh. You are my new no.1 website. So much loveliness, I am almost hyperventilating, and certainly feeling a little shaky…
I’ve got to go back to the start and have another look. I really DO need to upgrade my internet plan!

best wishes

PS I love it that you take inspiration from the old 70s decorating books. I just can’t part with the ones my parents gave me. And I look at real estate mags and sites too! There’s a lot of bad stuff, but some beauties!

pompom says:

Hope you are feeling better soon midcenturyjo. A summer cold hey? They can be the worst. Good to see you got some thrifting in this week though. I always love to see what you and kim find.

I’m still alive, just. Back to work tomorrow. Jenny welcome and I’m so jealous. There is nothing I like more than finding a new blog with loads of archives. Have fun! Thanks pompom and Kim. Getting better. I’m such a baby 🙂

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