Retro time!

Posted on Mon, 3 Mar 2008 by midcenturyjo

New week new retro rooms. New retro rooms? The old cliche is true. Everything old is new again. More images scanned from Australian Home Decorating by Babette Hayes, Paul Hamlyn Pty Ltd, Sydney, 1970.

kim. says:

I don’t believe it but I like just about all of these spaces! (Except the blue/green plaid room). And oh my would I kill for the headboard in the 5th photo. SO PRETTY!

Okay, so there are elements we can take from these rooms – the red glass jar in picture 6, the artwork and the chairs in picture 8 – but overall they make me feel as if I just died a little inside.

I’m especially horrified by the room in pictures 2 and 5: that wallpaper could cause hayfever. Also note the presense of one of Babette’s signature Evil Clowns. The woman had issues.

Blandwagon I chose the clown image just for you. I’m sure the Evil Clown is a subconscious motif in these designs …. at least I hope it is. I think I’ll have to put together a retro post on post traumatic stress disorder resulting from bad toy decor as a child.

I think a post about bad decor affecting childhood development is long overdue! Frankly it’s a wonder that anyone who grew up in the 70s is even remotely normal.

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