Finish line – Easter reading guide part 4

Posted on Mon, 24 Mar 2008 by midcenturyjo

Congratulations! You’re almost done with our marathon blogathon. It’s like an all nighter at the drive-in theatre. (OMG am I dating myself.) I’ve only got one chocolate bunny left and I’ve already bitten off his ears (see above) but he will be just enough to help me reach the end of the reading guide. OK here we go!

Wow. Thanks for the links to all those fabulous blogs. It’s like inspiration overload. I just lost track of an entire hour checking them all out! =)

What a wonderful surprise! Alfie and I were so delighted to be included in such great company. Thank you so much!!
Lisa & Alfie

AMR says:

I’m stuffed! Those were all so delicious!
Thank you for the superb selection.

Sanctuary says:

Thank you for your inspirational blog and for inclucing me, I am flattered!

Another great selection! Nice work!! I’m loving tinyk, thanks for the discovery!!


Lú! says:

I was enormously grateful because you have included me in that list of links!
Thank you, your blog is an inspiration to all!
A hug L�

stljoie says:

Thank you sooo much…this has been so enjoyable and educational.

Claire says:

My bloglines account is whimpering from all the new additions. Thanks!

I’m honored (and totally shocked!) to be included. Thanks for all the link-fun. What great reads!

Verity says:

Better late than never – just wanted to thank you for adding my new little blog. I am a fan and in my own weird way, am also trying to inform and inspire! Thanks again troops! x

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