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Posted on Wed, 14 May 2008 by KiM

It’s official – I have lost my mind. I have 6 cats in my house. Yesterday I became a foster mom to a cat (I named him Felix) who’s been a fixture in my yard for the past few weeks. He went to the vets yesterday and has all sorts of health problems, but all treatable with antibiotics (PHEW!). I am fostering him through a FANTASTIC organization here in Ottawa called Friends of Abandoned Pets, who are graciously paying for all his medical bills. He has to live in my second bedroom until I get some test results back, so things are a little “hairy” at my house. 🙂 Pun intended. I wanted to post this because I am very grateful they are helping Felix and I hope they can find him a great home, especially since he turned out to be such an amazing cat. They are having their annual dog walk in a couple weekends so I thought I’d plug that too, because that would be a blast…and I may be their photographer. 🙂 So I’d like to introduce you to the newest (though hopefully temporary) member of my brood, Felix, one of the luckiest cats around.

Delurking to say Felix is a lucky cat. Props to you!

casapinka says:

Hi Felix, when Kim tries to paint you or take you thrifting just say NO (or Meow.) Well, if it’s the same color as her kitchen it might be ok….

kim. says:

Julia, come on over – maybe after we find out about his having ringworm (contagious to other cats and people). Peggy, he is irresistible. Rachel, I’m not even sure why I thought of the name Felix, but it suits him perfectly. Thanks Princess in Galoshes!

kim. says:

Pink – he already told me he would love to accompany me on a thrifting venture. But he did say no to painting him. Maybe he’ll at least let me do his toes?

lsaspacey says:

Yup, cats can ALWAYS read that word.

AMR says:

Whomever adopts him should paint their walls that colour of blue. He looks fantastic against it! You’d never know he had ringworm! 🙂
Maybe pass along a paint chip with him.

And Felix the Cat was a b&w cartoon. Great name.

drey says:

you have SUCH A BIG HEART!! incredibly mad for taking on SIX cats, but that’s why they love you 🙂 (and so do we!!!)

jawcey says:

Awww…he’s ADORABLE! My cat sitter works for Friends of Abandonned PEts – I’ll try to make it out to the walk!

PS – any flea market road trips coming up?

kim. says:

Jawcey, no road trips planned (so freaking busy) but the Great Glebe Garage Sale is on the 24th, and you can hitch a ride with me if I can manage to go!

jawcey says:

I know! I’m so excited! I’ll let you know if I need a ride – if not, let’s try to rendezvous at some point during the mayhem 🙂

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