Small space solutions

Posted on Thu, 29 May 2008 by KiM

Rickita wrote us recently looking for ideas: “I currently live in an approximately 450 sq studio apartment. I’ve been trying to find inspiring decorating ideas for small spaces. Do you have any pictures of studio apartments: specifically wall decoration and storage ideas? I would appreciate the help!” 450 sq ft is pretty small but I am a firm believer that living in a small space doesn’t mean it has to be filled with small stuff. My favourite small spaces include walls painted in bold colours or covered in fun wallpaper, some large furnishings, and oversized artwork (or large groupings of artwork). Hopefully the following photos inspire anyone living in a small space.

Clive Tompsett Domino
Robert Stilin Domino
Joe Serrins Domino
James Merrell Gaelle Le Boulicaut
Markham Roberts Domino
Domino Domino
Minh Wass mlk studio
Johnny Bouchier Marie Claire Maison

tracey says:

For the budget friendly, IKEA also does alot with small spaces. great pics!

Great ideas! I hope you can contribute to my What do you do for a living post – would love to hear about you!

Ashley L. says:

what great example pictures! my recommendation would be ikea. they have the best small space storage solutions! and of course you can’t beat the price! 🙂

Some very clever and very stylish ideas here.

K says:

Love the ideas, but sadly, most of them have breathtaking built-in shelves or other non-renter-friendly additions. Where can I find things like the great red cabinet in the first pic?

kim. says:

That cabinet looks very Ikea-ish to me. Being that I am Canadian and live in a city where we have nothing but Ikea, that is unfortunately my only suggestion. I’d also try Craigslist.

Love this post! Even though a space is small it certainly can be chic and stylish! Yippee!

Great post!
There are tons of ways to live small in a functional and super stylish way!

M.C. Thompson says:

Thank you for sharing practical stylish color and design concepts……………….

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