Kathryn Scott Design Studio

Posted on Mon, 2 Jun 2008 by KiM

I adore the portfolio of interior designer Kathryn Scott. Almost every space is punctuated with a hit of bold colour (ie. chartreuse ceiling in first 2 photos) or oversized artwork, and I love that mixed with her classic sense of style. “Our designs blend a sharp sense of the classic with contemporary insight and technique to ensure our creations, modern or traditional, are always timeless in style. We believe that everyone is entitled to surroundings that support their activity, inspire their actions and delight their senses.”

Garrett says:

Any idea who makes that armed sconce in the second image down in the right? Anyone? Please?
Thanks :-).

Anonymous says:

anyone with the tiger rug in the last image? its sweet!

Oh my I just noticed the tiger rug too! Love the simplicity of the rooms and the rustic mixed with the high end. Garrett try emailing the designer if no one comes up with the source of the sconce.

Garrett says:

Ha, yeah, I guess that’s the simplest solution isn’t it?

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